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Nate and Jeremiah Home Project Episode 2 | Alex & Teddy

All the details about Nate and Jeremiah Home Project Episode 2 are here. A home renovation project where design experts Nate Berkus and Jeremiah Brent help families and rebuild their space to give them the feeling of being at home.

Nate and Jeremiah Home Project Episode 2

So this episode is all about Alex, a firefighter, and his wife Teddy. The couple left Brooklyn. Alex’s station is still in the city, but he’s commuting.

Their Story

So they bought this place a couple of months ago, the reason for moving and leaving their apartment behind was their five-year-old daughter, Tatum. They dreamt of a space for her to play outside and pictured hanging out as a family in a home with some room to breathe. This is certainly a more challenging project than Nate and Jeremiah Home Project Episode 1

It doesn’t feel like our space. The sellers of the home were an older couple, who was relocating, and they said, whatever’s in the home you want to keep, you can have it. The sellers did have very nice stuff but Alex and Teddy didn’t feel to make it work with their stuff. It is very disjointed.

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Home Tour

They have this nonfunctional dining table inherited from the sellers, couldn’t tell if it was their workstation or a place to put on their jackets and stuff. They have zero storage, they used boxes as the pantry. The couple loves to cook but due to the lack of space in their kitchen, it felt like an apartment.

Nate and Jeremiah Home Project Episode 2 Before

The overall impression of their home in Nate and Jeremiah Home Project Episode 2 is that they have no space to put anything away. It feels like they made this massive investment and they are living worse than what they were living in their apartment in Brooklyn. They bought this great home but it’s not laid out properly for the family.

Goodbyes and the Keeps

The objectives are to redesign their space to introduce storage, readdress the living room, and create a place for dining. Furthermore, the kitchen needs to be completely rethought out, and provide closet space in their bedroom.

Before the designers go on and devise design plans, it was time to ask the homeowners about the things which are important to them. The stuff they need to stay and identify the things they are ready to let go of.

Here is the list of things that the homeowners are going to get rid of, not sure about it yet, and stuff that is important to them and wants to be part of their new space at the end of Nate and Jeremiah Home Project Episode 2.

Goodbyes Maybes Keeps
Sword Blue Vases Recliner Chair
Sectional Sofa The Old Cabinet Bedroom Furniture
TV trays Old Trunk

The Kitchen Design

The design plan for the kitchen is to replace the fire hazard of a door with an oversized window. Secondly, double the size of their kitchen with a super long stretch of open shelving and lower cabinetry. The idea for the opposite side of the kitchen is to have a hood and stove on one side. Create room for the upper cabinet beside the fridge. The fire engine red-colored tile wall is going to be impactful in the background.

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Living Room and the Bedroom

The plan for the living room space is to close up the niches to have room for floor-to-ceiling built-in storage, including a spot for their TV. Furthermore, source a midcentury-inspired sectional for hangouts and a comfy reading corner for downtime. For their bedroom, the vision is to give the homeowners a closet. So the goal for Nate and Jeremiah Home Project Episode 2 is to steal a little square footage from the guest room to add a walk-in. Rework on the windows will make space for a custom upholstered bed and the room will get a big dose of mid-century style with textured wallpaper, sleek furniture, and bold colors.

The Keeps

The recliner is one of the first things the couple bought after their marriage. It’s been a little beat up, but when their daughter was born, Alex used to rock her to sleep on this chair. There are fond memories attached to it so it’s going to be a keeper. The couple is open to refinishing or repainting the set of their furniture nightstand, matching dresser, and recliner.

Deciding the Maybes

After getting the construction done, Nate and Jeremiah asked the homeowners to revisit their space and recall their Maybes. The designers hinted to the couple that they’re not going to have any lack of storage after which the couple decided to let go of their old cabinet which was inherited by the sellers. Moving on to the blue vases, the husband insisted that it has been in the family for a long time and it can work somewhere in their future space. Talking about the old trunk, it did add storage to their space but it’s not an issue anymore. So the final verdict of Nate and Jeremiah Home Project Episode 2 is to let the old trunk go too.

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The designers brought wood ceiling to have that architectural theme to the space for Alex and Teddy. They added floor-to-ceiling storage and a brand new beautiful sectional in their living room. The designers used the corner of the wall for a build-in banquette with a custom ribbed back, added a large round table to have that perfect spot for family meals.

Nate and Jeremiah Home Project Episode 2 After

The kitchen now has fire engine red tiles, a lot of cabinets, and a full pantry which gave the couple all the space they needed. The bedroom now has a closet. The designers restored their furniture by adding remnant Italian marble on the top, and the French midcentury-inspired custom headboard on the bed. So that’s it for Nate and Jeremiah Home Project Episode 2.

A New Story

The couple was amazed by the work of Nate and Jeremiah. It felt as if it was a brand new story for them. Beautiful people deserve to live beautifully.

What are your thoughts on this week’s episode? Leave your thoughts in the comments below.

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