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Rock the Block Season 2 Episode 4 | Rock the Basements

Time for Rock the Block Season 2 Episode 4. It’s a new week on Rock the Block, which means there’s a new space to rock. This week, it’s the basement.

Rock the Block Season 2 Episode 4

The great news about this week’s challenge is the basements are so big, it’s an opportunity for every team to add so much value to their respective homes. This week, a designer, a restoration expert, and the host to HGtv’s Bargain Mansions, Tamara Day is going to decide the winner at the end of the episode.

Rock the Block Season 2

The show started off with designing the heart of the home, the kitchen, and the dining area. The second week was all about the living room and all the remaining space on the first floor. In the third week, the teams worked on the main bedroom and the bathroom. Mike and Alison won the challenges involving Rock the Block Season 2 Episode 1, and Rock the Block Season 2 Episode 3. David and Tiffany won the second week’s challenge on Rock the Block Season 2 Episode 2.

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Heavy Metal Challenge

As the team started to work and devise a plan for their respective basements, Ty the host of the show, had this heavy metal challenge for the teams. Tin barn roofs, car culture, it’s baked into the DNA of the region. So the teams had to incorporate one of the items from a pile of heavy metal materials placed in front, into their basement in a meaningful way.

David and Tiffany’s Bold Basement

So for this week’s Rock the Block Season 2 Episode 4 challenge, David and Tiffany’s budget was 34,000$ and they used these metal pipes for their heavy metal challenge.

Rock the Block Season 2 Episode 4 David and Tiffany

They went with the pink theme in the basement and the judge, Tamara, loved it as she was wearing the same color. But to her, it was kind of bold because it could be a turnoff for a handful of buyers. Another con was the lack of staging in their bedroom in the basement. The pros of their space were the bar/game area, the pipes from the heavy metal challenge, an extra bedroom, the beams, and a home theatre.

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Nate and Jeremiah’s Rental Unit

Nate and Jeremiah’s basement budget was 40,000$ and they went with bolts, and nuts for the heavy metal challenge.

Rock the Block Season 2 Episode 4 Nate and Jeremiah

Tamara was blown away by their idea of a fully independent, two-bedroom, one-bath rental unit. The judge simply loved the stunning countertops and a home office that also had a hidden Murphy bed. Furthermore, they added a full-size bathroom with beautiful yet simple tiles, the barn doors for the second bedroom, candlesticks made out of nuts and bolts, everything was a delight to Tamara. As it is a rental unit, so it automatically adds tons of value. The only con of this space to Tamara was a gas stove for a family with children.

Brian and Mika’s Bowling Alley

The budget of Brain and Mika’s basement was 55,000$ and they picked up a stop sign from the metal materials for this week’s challenge in Rock the Block Season 2 Episode 4.

Rock the Block Season 2 Episode 4 Brain and Mika

The moment Tamara entered their space, she was stunned at the idea of a bowling alley. An instant strike for Brain and Mika’s space. Entertainment, family, that was the whole theme behind designing this space. Tamara loved their idea but being there as a judge, it was hard to appraise, and yet she thought it was the coolest thing ever. Moving on to the other side of the basement, they added a mother-in-law suite with a closet, a full bathroom that had a dual entry, connecting both sides, the hallway, and the bedroom.

Mike and Alison’s Living Space

The budget for this week’s basement of Alison and Mike was 35,000$ and Mike gathered some metal items to create a lamp for their heavy metal challenge.

Rock the Block Season 2 Episode 4 Mike and Alison

The theme of Mike and Alison’s basement was to provide a fully functional living space. The first thing she noticed was the barn doors of the home office. She also loved the hardware and tiles of the bathroom. The extra storage, the comfy sofa, the big screen for a movie area, and the ping-pong table were instant hits. Mike created a pipe lamp from the metal items he gathered earlier which was a great piece of art.  The only con she identified was the idea of having carpet over hardwood.

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Rock the Block Season 2 Episode 4 Winner

It’s time to declare the winner of this week. Every space had remarkable selling points. The use of bold colors, a rental unit, a bowling alley, and an additional living space. However, this week’s winner of the best basement on Rock the Block was Nate and Jeremiah. Nate and Jeremiah’s independent rental unit stood on top in terms of adding the most value to the basement. They also got the bonus cash of 4000$ to use for the next week’s challenge.

Leave your thoughts below and let us know which basement space was your favorite?

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