You are currently viewing Rock the Block Season 3 Episode 2 | Living Room Showdown

Rock the Block Season 3 Episode 2 | Living Room Showdown

It’s time for Rock the Block Season 3 Episode 2. Four teams of designers and renovation experts, going head to head to design four identical houses.

Rock the Block Season 3 Episode 2

Previously four teams of HGTV designers were given 225,000$ each, and six weeks to add the most value to four identical homes. The first week, it was Dave and Jenny who took the win for the kitchen and dining space.

Living Room Showdown

This week, the teams focus on the living room and entry, which is the first thing buyers see when they walk into a home. Coming to judge later this week, Season 1 winner, Jasmine Roth, will be visiting the block and judging the teams’ spaces. The team who wins this week gets an extra 2000$ in their budget for the next week’s challenge.

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Dave and Jenny Living Room

Dave and Jenny’s space is up for the tour. Their upfront storage space immediately got the praise as it felt practical. Bringing in that little pop of metal, the Chandelier is a good move. But there is a lack of drop zone. A surface where you can throw your keys on considering how open and wide the entryway is.

Dave and Jenny Living Room

Moving on the other side of the entryway lies the living room. The fireplace wall is meant to be the focal space for this room. The benches are beautiful, white oak shelf gets the points. Another trick Dave and Jenny had under their sleeves is the addition of a powder room. They took a little space from cover porch. The wallpaper of the powder room was an instant hit, and from the appraisal point of view, it added value. Overall nice job on Rock the Block Season 3 Episode 2 by harnessing the coastal feel, focusing on potential buyers, and repurposing space from the porch which added sq. footage.

Pros Cons
Storage Drop Zone
White Oak Shelf
Powder Room Features

Leslie and Lyndsay Living Room

It’s time to check out the warm and inviting space of the ladies. Leslie and Lyndsay added an element of the history of Charleston upfront. A superstition, related to the front door to stop. One way to stop them is to add something on the wall straight away so they stop reading and get distracted by it. This research on the local history got them A+ from Jasmine. The light fixture was gorgeous, especially how it matched the sconces.

Leslie and Lyndsay Living Room

The living room is just wow. Charleston’s earthy eclectic vibe is the primary focus. The full working sink, and wet bar, are just amazing. But felt too specific from the client’s point of view to the judge. A mantle from 1813 is great and adds the vintage vibe but due to its lack of color, it does not catch the eye as it deserves. The ceiling beams added organic textures. Overall a great job is done on Rock the Block Season 3 Episode 2 applying the Charleston Charm.

Pros Cons
Local History Buyer Specific 
Lighting Mantel Color
Wet Bar
Ceiling Beams

Eygpt and Mike Living Room

It’s time to take a tour of the couple Mike and Eygpt’s house, who wanted to implement luxury and functionality into their space. The French doors on the front, an entire wall, and fireplace of brick in the living space were hard to miss and impressed Jasmine. The beams came wrong in color so the couple made it white to flow with the room but the judge felt it could have the same color as the French doors.

Rock the Block Season 3 Episode 2 Winner

The biggest task was to move the powder room. The tile used is Charleston Blue and it was smart. But the smartest move was saved for the last, on how they added a hundred and twenty square feet. The couple added a hallway and bumped an entire foyer backward to create a hallway straight from the garage. It feels like Jasmine is already sold but she has one more house to tour.

Pros Cons
Brick Fireplace Beam Color
Powder Bath
Hallway to Garage
Added Sq. Footage
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Keith and Evan Living Room

Let’s dive into Keith and Evan’s warm and Charleston-y space. They pulled some beams to add an old church to the downtown area kind of vibe which felt edgy. The round windows, the color that is tied with Charleston history, and how it is delicately carried onto the ceiling are elegant.

Keith and Evan Living Room

The art installation in the entry was inspired by old houses, but how it was modernized is the wow factor of this house. It sets the tone for the rest of the design of the home, the vintage piece on the side, everything feels as if you’re transported. 100% unique, the texture of the paint on the walls and the ceiling added a nice touch. The buyer who has a knack for the vibe this house gives is definitely going to pay top dollar from the appraisal’s point.

Pros Cons
Round Windows Buyer Specific
Wall Texture
Wall Installation
Unique Design

Rock the Block Season 3 Episode 2 Winner

Adding value to their design, floorplan changes, and smart uses of their spaces, Jasmine Roth has seen it all. But all the hard work, tiredness, and nervousness come down to this final moment at the end of the week. The judge can relate to what the teams are feeling right now, as she knows how every team has poured their heart out to their spaces.

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Now when you have all seen it, it’s time to conclude which team wins Rock the Block Season 3 Episode 2. The winner of the entry and living room renovation is Mike and Eygpt. They were thoughtful in adding value. Connected the garage to the house was simply a game-changer. So they get the additional 2000$. Feel free to share your favorite space from this week’s Rock the Block Season 3?

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