You are currently viewing Rock the Block Season 3 Episode 3 | Main Suites Showdown

Rock the Block Season 3 Episode 3 | Main Suites Showdown

Who is ready for Rock the Block Season 3 Episode 3? Four teams are going to renovate four identical houses in six weeks. Two weeks are down, and four more to go. The goal is simple; the house with the most appraised value wins the competition.

Rock the Block Season 3 Episode 3

In week one, the teams rocked the heart of the home, the kitchen, and the dining room. In week two, the teams tackled the living room and entryway. But tonight the teams move on to the main bedroom and the bathroom. It’s the last space on the first level. The judges for this week are two more members of the Rock the Block family, the two-time competitor and winner of three Rock the Block spaces, Alison Victoria. Joining her, is a real estate broker as well as house flipper extraordinaire, Page Turner.

If you want to recap, here is where you can read all about Rock the Block Season 3 Episode 1.

Design Challenge

The winner of this week gets 3000$ to spend on the next week’s space. Remember the design challenges we used to have in Rock the Block Season 2, they’re back. The teams are going to have their first additional design challenge. In order to test their creativity and competitiveness, teams have been given the choice of five design materials that are synonymous with Charleston, South Carolina.

  • Driftwood
  • Sweetgrass Baskets
  • Boat Sails
  • Reclaimed Wood
  • Sea Glass

Each team on Rock the Block Season 3 Episode 3 will choose one of these materials and must incorporate it significantly into their main suite.

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Twin Sisters Main Suite

Leslie and Lyndsay choose reclaimed wood so let’s dive into the twin sisters’ space. The first thing the judges notice is their choice of colors. The closet next to it, adds value, and wait what did they see in the closet? It’s a washer/dryer. It initially was a smaller closet but the Leslie and Lyndsay added 50 sq feet from the back porch. The open shelving, the long and short hang, it’s going to be a selling point for sure.

Rock the Block Season 3 Episode 3 Winner

The reclaimed heart pine wood from their challenge was incorporated at the back of the closets which added a unisex feel. Their 12-foot bathroom surprised the judges, the selection of tile, the shower size, it’s like heaven. Judges remarked as if it’s a million-dollar bath. The only thing that could make it a better space is to lower down sconces’ height.

Pros Cons
Washer/Dryer Sconces Height
Closet Size
Reclaimed Wood
Shower Size
Tile Selection

Dave and Jenny Main Suite

Jenny and Dave are ready to showcase on Rock the Block Season 3 Episode 3. The tones used in their main suite felt soothing. The bed placement got them a plus one, as clients do not like to walk into the bed. A morning room to read or have coffee right beside the bedroom is kind of soft and tranquil. The bathroom wow-ed the judges, and how did they put a sauna in here? It’s the courtesy of Dave. The door had a sea glass incorporated from the design challenge, so you don’t feel like you’re in a box.

Dave and Jenny Main Suite

They also have this walk-in wardrobe, built all by Dave himself. But for someone who has a lot of clothes, the space lacks storage. Also, the closet space must be enclosed, a reminder by Page when she saw no closet door to the wardrobe. The bathroom floor had a spa-like vibe, a built-in vanity, and all custom woodwork which is a seller.

Pros Cons
Bed Placement Closet Size
Reading Nook No Closet Door
Custom Carpentry
Handmade Tile

Egypt and Mike Bedroom Showdown

Mike and Egypt won previously on Rock the Block Season 3 Episode 2 and they are up next and it’s tranquillity! Antique doors are always appreciated. The couple beautifully used the driftwood from their design in the bedroom. They created a larger closet space, which feels as if you’re in a boutique. The integrated lighting, eye-catching white cabinets, and gold hardware, all add a ton of value.

Egypt and Mike Bedroom Suite

But wait what? There’s another closet on the way behind that antique door. There’s a vanity, double chandelier, beautiful tile, everything is on point. They have pebbles, which continue into the shower and make it feel larger. The addition of a smart shower is a game-changer. But the judges felt the showerhead could have been bigger.

Pros Cons
Antique Doors Showerhead Size
Closet Built-Ins
Second Closet
Floor Tile
Smart Shower

Keith and Evan Bathroom

Lastly on Rock the Block Season 3 Episode 3, it’s artistic and bold, the house of Keith and Evan. A big feature wall for the bed, using sailboat sails from the design challenge is a hit. It’s a wow factor, it’s beautiful. But they took down the windows, especially with the view they had, that is not good. The tones, the blush to this olive green to the brass, it works.

Evan and Keith Bathroom

In the walk-in closet, they added sq footage, which feels like a dressing room to Alison but Page disagrees and would like to re-do the closet space. She pointed out all the wasted space for a closet. Both judges agree that they failed to add value by not adding the built-ins, which is a massive selling point. The reason they did not spend money on the built-ins is that they spend it somewhere else. It’s the bathroom.

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The gorgeous shower, arches, soft corners, and the contrasting brick from the porcelain to the actual brick, you feel like you’re in a castle. The way these guys laid the tiles, the attention to detail, having two water closets, and additional storage above the toilets, no wonder this is the most expensive single space in their house. The judges were amazed and confessed that they have never seen something like this in their lives.

Pros Cons
Wall Feature Removed Windows
Closet Size Closet Layout
Two WCs

Rock the Block Season 3 Episode 3 Winner

It’s time to announce who rocked the main suites showdown. Judges like every other week are torn, because of the hard work every single team puts in to win. The winner of this week’s bedroom renovation is, Leslie and Lyndsay. An emotional moment for the twin sisters. They get to have an extra 3000$ for the next week.

Feel free to comment on your favorite main suite among these four.


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