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Rock the Block Season 3 Episode 5 | Exterior Showdown

It’s time for Rock the Block Season 3 Episode 5. This week the teams are going to work outside their respective houses. Finalizing their exteriors and all landscaping front to back.

Rock the Block Season 3 Episode 5

Previously, the teams had to transform the second-floor loft, plus a unique space, the FROG (Finished Room Over Garage). Everyone turned their FROG into additional living space and while they all brought the creativity, Dave and Jenny’s risky move, turning their loft into a large laundry room, gave them their second win of the season. Nate and Jeremiah were the judges on Rock the Block Season 3 Episode 4.

Dog House Challenge

This week’s judges are Good Bones star Mina Starsiak-Hawk and Karen E Laine. The teams are only one week away from the finale. But before we conclude this season, the judges will evaluate the home exterior design of the teams, which includes the home’s curb appeal, landscape design, and front and side porches. The teams were also given a 1000$ bonus to create something special for a pet on Rock the Block Season 3 Episode 5.

Keith and Evan

The judges loved the bold color choice of their house. It has that South Carolina vibe. They created a look like a gas lantern, without the problem of a gas lantern. The light fixtures were fully noticed. The peak of pergola raised beds, and the little vineyard in the opening looked lovely. There was a heated dog bed inspired by the dog challenge, but they had a mishap with it.

Rock the Block Exterior

A fire pit, a pergola off the main suite, an outdoor kitchen, edible garden planter area were liked by the judges but the idea of a fence if you do not have a pet, is a turn-off because it blocks the view of the water. Overall the judges believed they did a great job with the blue color, board, and batten, and all the textures Keith and Evan brought in.

Pros Cons
Paint Color Dog Bed
Lights Blocked View
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Eygpt and Mike

Absolutely beautiful exterior brick, judges remarked as soon they saw Eygpt and Mike’s house. They choose to do a four-side brick and gave it a lime-washed effect. They added gas lamps for the character, and a balconette but it wasn’t approved by the judges at first, but they agreed that Juliet Balcony did belong here, and how impressive it was to make the front of a house a focal point.

Rock the Block Season 3 Episode 5 Winner

Moving on to the back, the outdoor kitchen, and dining space were a hit but having no fence around it was one of the negatives. Their dog house was simply fantastic. Judges loved that they trim it to match the rest of the house. Overall they did an amazing job on Rock the Block Season 3 Episode 5. Another critique that maybe could’ve uplifted their space as if they had double-sided the fireplace.

Pros Cons
Brick Fence
Lights 1 Sided Fireplace
Juliet Balcony
Dog House

Lyndsay and Leslie

It’s beautiful. The brick is amazing. The old Charleston feel, tumbled brick, adding an impactful pop with the dark, they balanced it well. Moving to the back, they have this oven that looked like a little igloo, which can support oyster roasts. On the other side, they also have a gas grill and beverage fridge.

Rock the Block Season 3 Exterior Showdown

If you move along, you’ll have an ower’s patio with a seating area. For the dog house challenge, they went with a dog washing station. Clearly, the judges felt that a lot more can be done with 1000$ than a washing station. Next to it, they had this self-watering vertical garden that works on a timer. Overall the judges liked their space and felt they designed a cool space.

Pros Cons
Textures Dog Wash
Oyster Oven
Wall Garden

Dave and Jenny

The outside of their house is lovely. Where else can you do a pink house, but in Charleston? To which they did earn the respect, but judges felt they weren’t committed enough as the color was kind of skin toned. But the ink berries, clean porch, gas lamps, and landscape were impressive.

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The backyard is all lit up and bright, you get to see the swing and a lot of different things than any of the other three houses. As for the dog challenge on Rock the Block Season 3 Episode 5, the couple definitely embraced this challenge the most. They got a dog boat, which also had a space for the kids to spend time with the dog.

Rock the Block Season 3 Dave and Jenny Exterior

The bonus 4000$ Dave and Jenny got from the previous week’s victory, the couple spent it on a hot tub. But the judges felt it does not add value, nor does it add to the aesthetic of the backyard, all it adds is a source of entertainment. And enjoyment is a factor that’s hard to put a number on. Overall the judges felt it was a great project.

Pros Cons
Landscape Pink Color
Swing Hot Tub
Dog Boat
Layout Options

Rock the Block Season 3 Episode 5 Winner

The judges have finally seen work from all the teams. It’s time to decide which one among the four teams did better. Today’s winner will receive 5000$ to be used next week, the big finale. The winner of Rock the Block Season 3 Episode 5, the renovation of the exterior and outdoor space is Eygpt and Mike. The biggest reason was the brick, it adds so much value to the appraised value. Which house according to you has the best exterior? Feel free to leave your thoughts in the comments below.

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