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Nate and Jeremiah Home Project Episode 4 | The Gift of Home

So Nate and Jeremiah Home Project Episode 4 is all about the story of mother Anya and her son Chris. They have this sweetest story you ever heard.

Nate and Jeremiah Home Project Episode 4

This episode of the series is all about a mother Anya and her son Chris. Anya moved from Thailand as a teenager back in the ’70s. She got her GED and then she finally got a job in the United States Post Office.

The Story of Anya & Chris

Anya invested all the money she used to have in her family so that they too can come over here one at a time. Her mom, dad, brother, sister, she brought all of them to the US because she fell in love with America. Also, she loves TV series and movies.

I like TV shows like, Leave It to Beaver, and some of the cowboy TV show a lot. – Anya

She worked so hard her entire life to support her two children. So as a way of saying thank you to his mother, for her years of sacrifice, Chris decided to buy his mom her first home which is a 1920s Townhouse.

I remember her waking up at 4 am in the morning every day for the last 30 years. I have been saving for about 12 or 13 years now since I started working in high school and I was able to get enough money for a down payment. Now we have our house, to live an American dream. – Chris

Even though their house is not in great condition, but it’s got all of this character. You can tell it’s a well-built, historic home and now all it needs is a transformation.

1920s Townhouse Tour

Let’s take a tour of Nate and Jeremiah Home Project Episode 4 home. They have this living space with a fireplace in the start which is like the heart of the home. The kitchen is really worn out, plus they have this wall between the dining area and the kitchen which makes it congested and ugly. So the instant thought is to have a new kitchen, dining area, living room, new floors, and new finishes. These are simply the must-do’s.

Nate and Jeremiah Home Project Episode 4 Before

Sentimental Items

Chris and Anya have been living in an apartment in the same area of Jackson Heights. But now they’re moving out and leaving the place for Anya’s extended family. All of the large furniture is staying behind with the apartment. So the things which are going to be part of the new house are some of the small sentimental items. Now it’s time to categorize the things which Arya and Chris are going to take with them into their new home and some of the stuff they are going to leave behind.

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The Story of Jade

The first thing you see is they have these 3 piece sculptures bought on a family trip from San Francisco, they both thought it was a Jade. It was quite a bit of money, later they got it appraised and found out it wasn’t real and it’s alabaster. Thankfully the credit card company refunded most of their money back. So the story that they get to have as a family about that moment is probably more valuable than if it were actually jade. So the story makes these pieces a must keep.

Anya’s Stamp Collection

Another interesting part of Nate and Jeremiah Home Project Episode 4 is about Anya’s amazing collection of stamps. She used to collect these while she worked in the US post office for 30 years. The stamps represent all of her working years, allowing her family to have a different level of opportunity than she had herself. It represents the sacrifice to give something to your kids and it’s one of the most valuable things.  She also loves to cook and bake, so she’s going to need plenty of counter space to bake & a lot of cabinet storage.

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100 Years Old Home

Chris bought his mother a house that’s 100 years old. Typically, that means it’s been through decades of various renovations that may not have been done so well and weren’t in keeping with the original character of the home. The first step here is to restore the house to its former glory and then to go further by modernizing the layout. The main goal is to have a soft place to land for Anya in her retirement, for Chris.

The Design Plan

The design plan of Nate and Jeremiah Home Project Episode 4 is to have a grand entrance from the foyer. Add decorative molding, a marble-topped console, and even a gold frame mirror. It will help set the luxurious Parisian tone, while sweeping arch into the kitchen space will open everything up. Anya’s dream fireplace will remain a focal point, but the vision is to elevate the space with elaborate Parisian-inspired moldings throughout. An oversized armoire will house the TV and source something special for her first-ever couch.

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Archy Kitchen

In the kitchen, Anya had asked for bright and airy. So the vision is to add floor-to-ceiling soft grey cabinetry, white marble counters, and the appliances of her dreams. A breakfast nook will give her a quiet corner to steal some time for herself. They also need to maximize the island for all of Anya’s baking and source an extra large dining table for big family meals.

Need for Powder Room

While the construction work was going on, Chris sent a text to the designing Gurus, Nate and Jeremiah. He wants to know if they can squeeze a main floor powder room into the space. The maneuver now is to fit the powder room in the existing closet, but in the worst case, they will need to steal six inches of space from the living room. Finally, the designers want to add a simple but elegant reclaimed wood and marble sink in the powder room.

The Gift of Home

Here are some pictures of Nate and Jeremiah Home Project Episode 4 after the transformation.

Nate and Jeremiah Home Project Episode 4 Design

There’s a picture of Arya and Chris right away when you enter their home. They have this central, beautiful open living room. They now have this formal living room space with lots of seating options and a place to enjoy TV while they relax.

Anya’s Fireplace

The fireplace was left in the original condition, but it got a little facelift. New sconces were added to have pretty lighting in the evening. Nate and Jeremiah also presented a gift album to Anya. They made a beautiful album for all of Anya’s stamps. Now she can continue putting these in the black pages of the album and could check out all of her previous collection like a memory.

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Grand Archway to the Kitchen

Now they have a real oven, dishwasher, a dining table to have a nice family dinner, new floorings, everything like they wanted them to be. To add a personal touch to the space, all the sentimental items were put on display like the pieces of sculptures identical to jade. They also added the powder room so that Anya does not have to go upstairs. Everything in the powder room is custom, the light, for example, is actually a vintage piece with elegant finishes.

Welcome Home, Anya

After 30 years of Anya’s sacrifice and hard work at the post office, she now has this beautiful historic, charming home that her son bought for her to pay her back. It’s like the embodiment of the next chapter for their family. What do you feel about the Nate and Jeremiah Home Project Episode 4 transformation? Feel free to leave your thoughts in the comments below.

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