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Nate and Jeremiah Home Project Episode 3 | Victorian Home

It’s time to dive into Nate and Jeremiah Home Project Episode 3. An HGTV show which is all about renovating people’s homes and providing them the space they always wished for.

Nate and Jeremiah Home Project Episode 3

The third episode is all about Jamie and Stephanie. They both hightailed it out of New York. Now they both along with baby Javier are taking a gamble and moving out of the city to put down roots in a crumbly old, historic home close to where they grew up.

It is important to us that we were able to actually be closer to our family and that we were able to have more space to enjoy our time together.

Meeting the Family

Normally, people who buy the first home don’t buy 200 year old Victorian that needs work. But Nate and Jeremiah Home Project Episode 3 is all about it. Restoring old homes such as these can get expensive really quickly. The floor plan of their second floor is one of the worst you’ll ever see. All the doors open into every room.

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Home Tour

It starts with the bedroom which has this bronze piece center of the fireplace, a woman named Marion depicted in it, who used to live in this home. The bedroom connects with two rooms, Javier’s playroom, and his nursery, so there’s an issue of privacy. They have one bathroom on the entire floor which is located across the nursery through the hallway. Everything felt jammed up.

Nate and Jeremiah Home Project Episode 3 Before

Another space that connects with their bathroom is their closet, and not to forget it’s a long way to the original bedroom. They also have this spare room near the stairs, the homeowners told the designers, they don’t even use it due to its lack of functionality. Everything is just not right and that is what Nate and Jeremiah Home Project Episode 3 is about, to make it right.

I have spent 25 years walking homes with clients, I’ve never been confused as I was. – Nate Berkus.

Change of Plans

The initial plan is to move Javier’s nursery to the catchall room at the front of the house, that way it will be right beside the playroom. The closet space will be replaced with the old nursery which connects to the bedroom. By closing off the door of the playroom in the bedroom, it’ll become a whole private suite.

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All the fixtures of the existing bathroom are crowded to one side, ripping out the walls around the toilet will expand the shower space while placing a double vanity in front of the window with a suspended mirror will create space for bath time. By closing off the pass-through and rerouting the closet to open from Javier’s side in the playroom will allow extra storage and will create a perfect study spot for all his future homework.

Yeses, Maybes, and a Hard No

It’s time to ask Jamie and Stephanie about what stuff they would like to stay in their future space and what goes out. Here is a table on the things that are staying and stuff they’re letting go of.

Yeses Maybes Hard No
Pink Chairs Bronze Bed
Macrame Trash Chair

Treasure Chest in the Basement

The interesting part of Nate and Jeremiah Home Project Episode 3 is about former owners of this home. They were so connected to the home that they assembled an incredible chest. It felt like a time capsule living in the basement of that home’s history when it was built. It had random photos of the house, family, and what the lot looked like in the past. The trunk also had hand-drawn blueprints of the house and, historical documentation, like a treasure chest.

Tough Decisions

Before wrapping up all the renovation work in the bedroom, it’s time that Jamie and Stephanie make some tough decisions about their belongings in a new space. If you want to read about the previous episode of this show, here is a link where you can read all about Nate and Jeremiah Home Project Episode 2

The pink chairs are definitely going to stay, the rug felt whimsical and childish, so it’s going out. The macramé also reminded them about the past and they are ready to move on. The bold step here was to let go of Marion’s brass fireplace cover, they decided to put it in the trunk located in the basement as it had all the previous belongings of the old homeowners.


Here is what the space looks like after the transformation on Nate and Jeremiah Home Project Episode 3.

Nate and Jeremiah Home Project Episode 3 After

Since the door which had been connected with the playroom was disconnected, Nate and Jeremiah placed their bed in that newly vacant space. It gave extra space to the bedroom which had become the perfect spot to land the Pink chairs they wanted to keep.

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The door next to their bedroom now leads to the height of elegance and luxury, a closet space. Both Jamie and Stephanie have a ton of clothing and tons of shoes, so it now gives them easy access directly from their bedroom. It has open shelves, space for hanging clothes, and racks of shoe storage. A central island placed in the center of the room has drawers on both sides, to provide plenty of room for tucking anything away. Moving on to the bathroom, now they can have this new beautiful shower with hand-glazed green tile, with all the marble details. The aim is to make it more functional.

Time Capsule

In the end of Nate and Jeremiah Home Project Episode 3, Nate Berkus decided to put the newly revised floor plan made by him and Jeremiah, along with the family pictures of Javier, Stephanie, and Jamie in the trunk of the basement. Now it has all the things that represent the family that lived here in the past and present.

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