Nate and Jeremiah Home Project Episode 6 | Season Finale

Nate and Jeremiah Home Project Episode 6

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7 Responses

  1. Donna D Meek says:

    love the home project and was great too see how big there two kids have gotten and love the places where they went there in there townhouse and happy that they got there fore every home,cannot wait to see them more on TV with there new shows.

  2. Hazel Chambless says:

    Love, love the show!

  3. Sharon Kachmarek says:

    What is the kitchen countertop? It is not in the pictures listed at msisurfaces.

  4. Sharon Kachmarek says:

    Especially love the island top. I see that it was made by MSI Surfaces, but cannot find it listed on their site. Can someone tell me what it is?

  5. Anneke Hart says:

    I did not miss a single episode and was so glad to see the two of you were back. Been looking every week since and now realize there were only 5episodes and I am hoping that when you finalize the move back to your own”forever home” that you owned before that you will be back with more amazing projects. Will be watching and waiting for sure. I love how you both relate to the owners and it makes me feel like the two of you are part of my family….Anneke

  6. Julia Lake says:

    Did anyone figure out what the marble on the kitchen countertop was? Swoon!

  7. Vicki Thomas says:

    I love the counter stools. Where can I find them???

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