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Nate and Jeremiah Home Project Episode 6 | Season Finale

Details about Nate and Jeremiah Home Project Episode 6 are finally here. It’s time for the season finale of their show. This week’s episode is all about Brian and Jamie’s dream house.

Nate and Jeremiah Home Project Episode 6

The season finale is about this sweet couple, Brian and Jamie. The couple left the city, having two kids, wanted to have more space for their kids to run around.

Brian and Jamie’s Dream House

Two years ago, they bought what they thought is going to be the house of their dreams.

When we bought the home, we did know there were some things that we would want to change over time. It’s just disjointed and it’s a bit wonky. – Brian and Jamie

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The couple had plans to do grand renovations but Brian got diagnosed with cancer. It was a bumpy landing when the family first moved to this place due to his health issue. They got through that and then started over. Now he’s healthy and he’s ready to redo it on Nate and Jeremiah Home Project Episode 6.

Current Floor Plan

The current floor plan of Brian and Jamie’s house is a chopped-up mess. It’s divided into three sections by two huge dividing walls. There’s a living room off the entrance, and then a small boxed-in kitchen, and dining room. The family room is completely tucked off to the other side. None of their spaces are connected.

Nate and Jeremiah Home Project Episode 6 Before

Kitchen, Family Room, and Laundry

The kitchen is a galley kitchen that gets tight with just a few people. There’s a small corner for laundry and a passageway with storage that connects with the family room. The pantry doesn’t work, it’s like having a bunch of cabinetry and a sink on the other side of the kitchen like a wonky space. The family room has an odd layout because of a closet that is right in the middle of the space. You can put it like this, it’s like a Rubik’s cube where nothing is connected.

Brian and Jamie’s Possessions

The initial step on Nate and Jeremiah Home Project Episode 6 is to sort out all of Brian and Jamie’s stuff. Things that are really important for them to have in their new space and stuff that they no longer needed to hold on to. Their family photos are a yes, but the couch and ottoman are going. An Irish sign Céad míle fáilte which says a 100,000 welcomes, given by Brian’s mom is a keeper. It also reflects how this phrase is the way the couple lives in their house.

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Recliner and the Painting

Brian got this recliner 16 or 17 years ago so it does bring sentimental value to him. When Brian was diagnosed with Cancer, Jamie had this painting as a surprise purchase. A painting of one of the views of the city from Hoboken where Brian used to walk is also a must keep. The hutch, the couple agrees to let it go as Nate and Jeremiah suggest to trade it with something more modern by the end of Nate and Jeremiah Home Project Episode 6. All the furniture that doesn’t work for the couple anymore is going to be donated.

Break the Wall

The first task their house needs is to remove the wall which divides the kitchen from the family room. It will allow the homeowners and their guests to hang out all together. Widen the opening to the dining room and give Brian’s his sitcom-inspired stairs. If you like this series you can also read about Nate and Jeremiah Home Project Episode 5

A bank of vintage-looking cabinets for storage, and an island for meal prep and hanging out with their kids will be added. The designers are also going to upgrade the kitchen with a custom brick hood in the coastal farmhouse style that they love. This way no matter where they are, the family will always be together.

Family Room Design

The idea for the family room on Nate and Jeremiah Home Project Episode 6, is to create a fireplace feature wall with a built-in window seat. Nate and Jeremiah want to source a reclaimed wood mantel to add a rustic coastal vibe and a huge armoire for toy storage. They still will have plenty of space for massive sectional, as well as Brian’s beloved football watching leather chair.

Double Sliders and Mudroom

Since nobody likes eating while staring at the laundry, the vision is to move washing machines to the other side of the house and replace the existing laundry area with a banquette that will fit all the little cousins on Pizza night. The aim here is to flood the entire space with light requested by Jamie, with an expanded window and huge double sliders.

The plan for the back area of the house is to turn it into a full-size mudroom by stealing some unused space square footage from the living room. The washer and dryer will tuck here out of sight while adding cabinets and a closet to hide all the clutter.

Magic and Poof

Here is a glimpse of how the space looks like after transformation on Nate and Jeremiah Home Project Episode 6.

Nate and Jeremiah Home Project Season Finale

The whole house has changed by taking out that wall. The whole thing is now this open space where everybody is connected. With the wicker accents, everything feels so coastal. Brian and Jamie now get to see their beautiful yard while they’re inside. Brian finally gets his sitcom-inspired stairs that are directly connected with the kitchen.

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Fireplace Wall, Terra Cotta

Nate and Jeremiah lined the hallway with cabinets and extra storage. Terra cotta has been laid diagonally and industrial finishes have been mixed in to keep it modern. It’s perfect for busy families because you don’t have to maintain it every second. The plaque has also been framed. Now they have an actual place in their family room for their eyes to land. Huge fireplace wall, and with the wall gone Jamie can finally get to be connected with everyone else from the kitchen. The painting which is so important for Brian is now placed in the dining room. It’s located to a more prominent point where Brian can view it from every room.

Nate and Jeremiah Home Project Season Finale

That’s it from the season finale. Did you guys like the transformation of the season finale of Nate and Jeremiah Home Project? Feel free to leave your thoughts in the comments below.

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