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Rock the Block Season 2 Episode 2 | Living Room

Rock the Block Season 2 Episode 2 spoilers ahead. Four teams of HGTV’s top designers will compete against each other. In six weeks, these four teams will spend 225,000$ on four identical homes.  The team which adds the most value to their respective home wins Rock the Block.

Rock the Block Season 2 Episode 2

Every week the teams will be assigned to work on a certain space and at the end of the week, a group of judges will decide who added the most value to that particular certain space.

Let’s Recap

The first space the team worked on was the kitchen and dining room known as the heart of the home. With Alison Victoria as the only returning competitor from Season one, team Alison and Mike were the only favorites. However, the design powerhouses Nate and Jeremiah have them nervous.

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All four kitchens and the dining rooms wowed the judges Tarek El Moussa and Heather Rae Young. But ultimately, it was Mike and veteran Alison who took home the kitchen win along with 1000$ bonus cash reward. You can read more about Rock the Block Season 2 Episode 1 here.

Rock the Block Episode 2

This week, the teams design the rest of the first floor including their entryway and living spaces. Later, Flip or Flop National’s Paige Turner will decide and judge the rooms.

Rock the First Floor

So welcome to Rock the Block Season 2 Episode 2. This week the teams have multiple spaces to work on the first floor. The entryway, and its adjoining front room, and from there, they’ll head down the hallway to tackle the powder room and the living room. Therefore, this is a huge challenge.

Rock the Block Season 2 Episode 2 First Floor

Both on the impression that it’ll make and based on how the teams reconfigure the space. Here to judge in this week’s episode will be an HGTV’s real estate expert, Paige Turner. She not only knows what adds the most value to a home, but she also knows what sells.

The Budget

Let’s start with Nate Berkus and Jeremiah Brent. The couple already had spent 46,000$ on the first week, they’re planning to add another 46,000$ for this week’s space. Brain and Mika already spent 38,000$ in their first week and now they intend to spend 28,000$ this week.

David and Tiffany spent 44,000$ in their first episode, but this week they’re planning to add 17,000$ to add a Mother-in-law suite and 45,000$ on their living spaces. Let’s get down to Mike and Alison. The winners of the first week spent 48,000$ last week, but now they’re going to go with 40,000$ in Rock the Block Season 2 Episode 2.

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Nate and Jeremiah

The moment finally arrived after the teams worked endlessly to finalize their spaces. Paige Turner finally showed up and the first space she went to visit was of Nate and Jeremiah. ‘’I love this front door. The Iron and the glass doors are the pros. But I am thinking is it too customized? We have to think about the buyer and this is just room one.’’ She added. The Powder room, wooden beams, the fireplace is just warm and cozy. ‘’I would move in right now,’’ her concluding remarks.

Rock the Block Season 2 Episode 2 Nate and Jeremiah

Brain and Mika

It’s time to move to the next space. Brain and Mika’s space is the next one. ‘’What a lovely home office we have’’ Paige said. She also told that she doesn’t know how many people would want a bedroom with barn doors. This is surely one of the cons of their space. Moving to the powder room and living space ‘’Wow, you guys did so well. Look at this fireplace’’ she was amazed. The electric fireplace, ceiling design, and storage were her favorites.

Rock the Block Season 2 Episode 2 Brain and Mika

Mike and Alison

Paige now moves on to Mike and Alison’s home. ‘’It’s beautiful.’’ Iron spindles on the stairs that were hard to miss and yes it adds value. But moving on to the Bourbon room she did not felt that if this room could be a winner for a buyer. But the custom build in, Powder room walls are definitely going to be a plus. Moving on to the living room ‘‘This is just so beautiful. It almost brought tears to my eyes’’ she said as soon as she saw the living room. Therefore, double french doors and extra-long beams were a seller.

Rock the Block Season 2 Episode 2 Mike and Alison

David and Tiffany

Moving on to the final team of the day, it’s David and Tiffany. ‘’This entryway is everything.’’ The bold wallpaper is eye-catching. But the black wall against the wallpaper wasn’t much chiming together to Paige. As she moves forwards, she gets amazed. ‘’Just adding the closet to turn into a bedroom, now we can say it is a true bedroom. Wow. You stop that.’’ She smiles with delight.

Rock the Block Season 2 Episode 2 David and Tiffany

The pink subway tile is beautiful. Also, it doesn’t feel like a guest bath, it really feels like a bathroom. Full credits to the mother-in-law suite, and full bathroom. There’s more to see, she has not even seen the living room, yet. ‘’Wow. Wow. Love it.’’ The mudroom, room within a room in the living room. Paige simply loved the living room features.

Week 2, Episode 2

So Rock the Block Season 2 Episode 2, the first floor is done. Teams had to do the entryway, the powder room, the living room, and that bonus room, etc. Paige felt that every single house has something that a buyer will like. However, she confessed she feels like going back and reassess her heart out to finalize which house gives the most value.

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Bonus Cash

Now is the time to announce the winners. Last week it was Alison and Mike who got a 1000$ bonus for winning. This week the bonus amount is 2000$. The team that is going to win this challenge is getting an extra 2000$ to use for the next week’s challenge just like Alison and Mike got for this week’s challenge.

Rock the Block Season 2 Episode 2 Winner

So the winner of Rock the Block Season 2 Episode 2 is David and Tiffany. Congratulations to them and remember it’s anyone’s game. We’ve got four more weeks to go and a lot more space to rock on this block. However, leave your thoughts in the comments below and let us know your favorite living space for this week’s challenge.

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