You are currently viewing Rock the Block Season 3 Episode 1 | Kitchen Showdown

Rock the Block Season 3 Episode 1 | Kitchen Showdown

Welcome to Rock the Block Season 3 Episode 1. The all-star home renovation competition is back with four identical houses, all having $225,000 in the budget, with one goal of total appraised value.

Rock the Block Season 3 Episode 1

This time, the teams are in Summerville, which is just outside of Charleston, South Carolina, but the stakes are higher than ever before. These teams are on the top of their field when it comes to home renovation and design. This year, like in the previous season II, there are four teams. Three couples and one twin team all competing against one another.

Rock the Block Season 3 Cast

Ty Pennington is hosting the show once again, and here are the names of the contestants:

  • Mike Jackson and Egypt Sherrod from Married to Real Estate
  • Jenny and Dave Marrs from Fixer to Fabulous
  • Keith Bynum and Evan Thomas from Bargain Block
  • Lyndsay Lamb and Leslie Davis from Unsellable Houses

Six Weeks to Rock

All of them are given 3500 square feet four identical homes having a starting value of $500,000. The houses are a modern Low country style, long and narrow with a standalone garage and a bonus space above it. Each week teams are going to be assigned a different space in the house, and at the end of the week, guest judges will weigh in on who enhanced that space the best. By the end of six weeks, the team that adds the most appraised value to their home wins and gets a street sign with their name on it.

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Rock the Block Season 3 Kitchens

The first renovation space in Rock the Block Season 3 Episode 1 is considered the single most important zone in the home, the kitchen, and the dining room. There’s also a hallway and powder room behind the kitchen that can be included in this week’s renovation. Coming to judge their spaces later this week, are two multi-talented and multi-platinum brothers, Jonathan and Jordan Knight. Also, the team which wins this week gets an additional $1000 to utilize on their next week’s space.

Egypt and Mike Kitchen

Egypt and Mike’s Kitchen showdown is ready to impress the judges.  It gave the vibe of a French chateau to Jonathan and Jordan. The first thing that catches the eye is this one big centerpiece. Their humongous shroud/stove collected praise instantly; it has two ovens, so thanksgiving is going to be jumping off in this place. Island, countertop, cobblestone, and the accent all of these elements were fully appreciated. Another thing that impressed the judges is the sliding doors; they gave their space all the light, and also connected it with the outdoors.

Egypt and Mike Kitchen Rock the Block Season 3

One of the challenges was to make use of their storage. Mike and Egypt went with two pantries, an immediate one and a long-term one. The immediate one is right beside the kitchen space but the long-term one was allocated to the powder room space which felt disconnected from the kitchen.

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Pros Cons
Shroud/Stove Pantry Location
Sliding Doors

Leslie and Lyndsay Kitchen

Lyndsay and Leslie’s classic and eclectic first week’s space was up. First things first, before you can say something about their first impression, the duo was ready to serve tea from the sweet tea bar they created. It’s a full sweet tea station with pot filler and everything, a great idea to represent southern hospitality. The theme is to mix eclectic with an earthy vibe. Their stove, its handles felt old-world-y.  Huge accordion doors were hard to miss, to have the full entertaining outside.

Leslie and Lyndsay Kitchen

Moving on to the storage in Rock the Block Season 3 Episode 1, they covered plenty but did dark blue cabinets to anchor in earthy tones which could be picky when it comes to potential buyers. Something about these countertops felt basic to the judges, which was quite difficult for Lyndsay and Leslie to process. But the judges did like the powder room as its wallpaper, as it’s always great to have one on the first floor.

Pros Cons
Sweet Tea Station Blue Cabinets
Stove Basic Countertops
Accordion Doors
Powder Room

Keith and Evan Kitchen

Keith and Evan choose a different layout for their kitchen and dining space. They rotated 90 degrees to add a huge runaway of countertops. The marble island which took ten slabs of marble was a hit. The tile is a half-metallic finish, half flat, so it can give a muddled effect. Nutmeg cabinetry hardwood, a custom-made fountain, drilled out and turned into a pot filler which to judges was non-generic and will sell a house.

Keith and Evan Kitchen

A lot of the other houses opened up one side of the whole wall, but Keith and Evan choose to add windows that gave an organic vibe to their space. It totally wowed the judges. They also custom-built the table and chairs, applying the Japanese technique called Shou Sugi Ban. The paint color again felt too specific for the buyer’s perspective. Another thing that didn’t make sense to the judges is the placement of their mudroom as the garage was on the opposite side of the house. Lastly, their powder room had amazing tile, they built a custom vanity and completely nailed the design.

Pros Cons
Countertops Peach Colour
Potfiller Mud Room
Organic Feel
Table and Chairs
Powder Room
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Dave and Jenny Kitchen

Dave and Jenny’s windows boomed their kitchen space. They flipped the kitchen just like Keith and Evan and added big doors so it functions and flows better. The countertop, the color, the stove, everything was to the point. They used handmade tiles. The faucet has pits in it, which made it a piece in itself. Dave and Jenny didn’t like the location of the powder room, so they used their pantry door and its space to creatively connect it with a secret space.

Dave and Jenny Rock the Block Kitchen

A space they carved out under the stairs, replaced it with powder room space which surprised the judges. It worked; they liked it and thought of it as an ingenious use of space for the kids. The only thing that left them unanswerable is the location of their fridge as it was far away from the stove.

Pros Cons
Countertop Fridge Location
Pantry Door
Secret Space

Rock the Block Season 3 Episode 1 Winner

It’s time to reveal the winners of Rock the Block Season 3 Episode 1. Judges get to decide which team enhanced the kitchen and dining room space the most, by adding the most value. The winner of the Kitchen Showdown is Dave and Jenny. They’ll receive $1000 to use for the next week’s challenge. Which team did you think rocked their kitchen and dining space the best? Feel free to leave your thoughts in the comments below.

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