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Would You Rather with Nate Berkus & Jeremiah Brent

Today we play Would You Rather with our favorite interior designers Nate Berkus and Jeremiah Brent. Both are on the sets of Nate and Jeremiah Home Project and thought it would be fun to play along.

Would You Rather

So the game is simple. The couple is going to be given a set of two preferences, they’ll have to decide one. An interesting way to get to learn a little more about each other.

Partial Agreements

  • Would you rather choose light floors or dark floors?

Light floors for Nate but Jeremiah is going to be in the middle for this one. It’s because sometimes he likes dark, moody floors and sometimes he prefers light and bright. But Nate always prefers a light floor.

  • Brass of Nickel?

Nate’s brass but he’s turned a little bit of like those English bathrooms from the 1930s. Well, both of these options are timeless for Jeremiah.

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  • Would you rather design with Neutrals, or Colors?

Nate is going to design with neutrals but Jeremiah again would like to be in the middle for this one. He feels like he’s having a good time with colors because as of this moment, he is in a green flight attendant outfit. Nate would like to know the emergency exit on this flight btw.

  • Gummy Bears or Sour Candy?

Sour Candy all day long for Jeremiah. Feels like he could use some right now because his mouth is like watering as he speaks of it, could see his glands, reveals Nate.

Would You Rather, Disagreements

  • Chocolate or Candy?

Chocolates, all day, every day is the mantra of Nate and Oskar. Jeremiah hates chocolate and Ice cream. On the other side, whether it’s a cake or ice cream, Nate has a knack for everything in chocolate.

  • Would you rather choose to be Underdressed or Overdressed?

Nate likes to be underdressed and he believes that Jeremiah is going to choose overdressed. Overdressed to go to whole foods says Jeremiah.

  • Mid Century Modern or Modern Farmhouse?

European mid-century modern calls out Nate. But it wasn’t a choice for Jeremiah as he holds his modern farmhouse card high. Nate’s wow-ed at his decision.

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  • Would you rather go to an Auction or Antique Store?

Nate left the conversation as soon as he heard the word auction while Jeremiah chooses to stay while holding out the card of the antique store.

  • Denim Jacket or Leather Jacket?

Jeremiah digs Leather but Nate prefers Denim.

  • Would you rather prefer a good Movie or a Good Book?

Book for Nate, but Jeremiah loves a good movie.

Mutual Choices

  • Hardwood or Carpet in the bedroom?

Carpet. Finally, we have a mutual settlement from both.

  • Playroom or Home Office?

Playroom says both. Nate believes that anyone with children under seven would pick a playroom. Jeremiah shares that he can never realize how much time he and Nate would spend on the floor of their playroom. It’s like all day long.

  • TV or No TV in the bedroom?

No TV in the bedroom agrees with both. Jeremiah gets it, why do people have it.

  • Modern or Victorian?

Modern is the choice of both Nate and Jeremiah. Give Nate a  glass box on the side of a cliff.

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  • Walk-in Closet or a Larger Bathroom?

Walk-in closet over anything Jeremiah concludes. Bill Brass once said that bathrooms should be small and closets should be large adds Nate. So it’s unanimous.

  • Trim Mouldings or Exposed Brick?

Trim Mouldings for both. Jeremiah likes when you have a lot of trim mouldings when it’s really caked on and you’ve got contemporary furniture with it. It’s quite handsome.

  • Large Living Room or Large Kitchen?

Large Kitchen. They are not even a type of family that loves a formal dining room. It’s not something they are.

  • Predict the Future or Read People’s Mind?

Minds for both because Jeremiah doesn’t want to predict the future. It’s kind of spooky.

So that’s it, people. Hope you guys had enjoyed Nate and Jeremiah Home Project. All the details about this season and its episodes are available on our website. Feel free to leave your thoughts in the comments below.

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