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Nate Berkus Christmas Holiday Tips | Guests & Stress Care

Recently Nate Berkus Christmas Holiday Tips was shared on his Instagram. During the holiday hustle and bustle, it’s essential to create a warm and inviting atmosphere for your guests, even amidst the chaos. Consider these thoughtful tips to ensure your guests feel truly welcome.

Nate Berkus Christmas Holiday Tips

The holiday season is here and we often wonder ourselves about what arrangements to make for the guests visiting our home for the holiday season. Nate Berkus recently shared some tips to make your home guests feel welcome in your home.

Personalized Welcome Note

Take a moment to craft a personal note on your stationery, extending a warm welcome to your guests. Include essential details like the Wi-Fi password and any other information they might find helpful during their stay. Place this note in the guest room to provide a thoughtful touch.

Bedside Water Carafe

Anticipate your guests’ needs by placing a carafe of water on the bedside table. This small gesture ensures they can hydrate conveniently without having to search for water, especially after a long journey. This one is among the most healthy Nate Berkus Christmas Holiday Tips.

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Convenient Phone Charging

Provide a charging cord in the guest room to make your guests’ stay more comfortable. This simple addition helps them keep their devices powered up without the hassle of searching for an available outlet.

Extra Blanket for Comfort

Enhance the coziness of the guest room by placing an extra blanket in the closet. Opt for a versatile Nate Home cotton basket weave blanket (affiliate link), perfect for layering on the bed. This considerate touch allows guests to adjust the bedding according to their comfort, especially on colder nights.

Organized Closet Space

Ensure the guest room closet is well-prepared for their use. Clean out the clutter, provide matching hangers, and create a tidy space where guests can easily access and hang their belongings.

Anticipate their Needs

In essence, the key is to anticipate your guests’ needs before they have to ask. By addressing potential inquiries about Wi-Fi, charging, comfort, and organization, you create a seamless and delightful experience for your guests. In our household, we strive to cater to these considerations preemptively, ensuring our guests feel cared for and at ease throughout their stay.

Nate Berkus on Managing Stress

Nate Berkus Christmas Holiday Tips also include managing stress. The holiday season can be incredibly stressful, and managing the various commitments on your calendar can be overwhelming. Here are a few strategies Nate Berkus employs to alleviate some of the anxiety and stress during this busy period. You can also read Nate Berkus Christmas holiday gift ideas

Escaping into a Good Book

Amidst the chaos, Nate finds solace in the company of a good book every night. Whether it’s one of Nate reads or a captivating novel, having a great book is essential, especially when he finds himself in unfamiliar places like a hotel bed during travels. Devoting just 20 minutes to reading allows him to disconnect and ease into a peaceful sleep.

Staying Active

In the heart of New York City, hitting the gym has become a sanctuary for Nate. While the weekend classes may seem daunting, engaging with a trainer ensures that he stays active and avoids the sedentary trap that often accompanies the holiday season. Even a simple, refreshing walk around the city with kids contributes to his sense of physical well-being.

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Engage in Research

To stay connected with his work and add an element of excitement, Nate regularly participates in vintage auctions and scours various sites. Though Jeremiah teases him for labeling it as “research,” it genuinely serves as a means to discover unique pieces for clients and homes. This not only keeps him engaged in his professional pursuits but also allows him to find exceptional gifts at great prices—a rewarding and enjoyable way to balance the demands of the season.

Nate Berkus on Parenting

By incorporating these Nate Berkus Christmas Holiday Tips into his routine, Nate has found a way to navigate the holiday season with a bit more ease. Whether it’s through the comfort of a good book, the invigorating sessions at his gym, or the thrill of vintage discoveries, each element plays a crucial role in maintaining his well-being and keeping him actively engaged during this busy time.

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