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Nate and Jeremiah Quiz “Nate is a Poop if was Emoji” – Jeremiah

Nate and Jeremiah Quiz

A quiz was recently taken from the famous interior designer couple, Nate and Jeremiah. The quiz consists of all sorts of questions. The fun ones, design-related, personal, and a lot more.

Hide Your Answer

To make it more exciting the couple was asked to answer on a piece of paper while hiding the answers from one another. The purpose to hide the answers from one another was to check the compatibility between the two. Check out what Nate and Jeremiah had to say about these questions without knowing each other answers.

Nate and Jeremiah Ideal Home

If Nate and Jeremiah could build another home anywhere in the world where would it be?

Nate: Mexico

Jeremiah: Africa

Nate and Jeremiah: the right amount of 100 you would. I’m not doing that you know I would be happy in Mexico that’s my way.

Partner Hates

What is the one thing in your home that your partner hates?

Nate: My Leather PI6

Jeremiah: My Leather Chair

Nate and Jeremiah: I hate his leather sure yeah and I hate your…*After seeing Nate’s answer* another day..

nate and jeremiah emoji quiz hate

Jeremiah Profession, if not a designer

If Jeremiah wasn’t a designer, what would he be?

Nate: Stylist

Jeremiah: Politics

Nate and Jeremiah: Politics, I was a stylist. I quit, I hated it. One of the others they need.

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Nate Biggest Renovation mistake

What was Nate’s biggest renovation mistake?

Nate: I ordered 3000 FTO Red tile

Jeremiah: *Did not answered*

Nate and Jeremiah: The rent I’ll the look like a sizzler. So we ordered all this in cost economy I’ll made a nicaragua for our entire outside area. It was meant to be brown and white and i ordered it online 3000 square feet and you came in naturally. I was red and white and I was like is it? Does it look red to anyone of course I was like you know why, that’s how. I’m sorry I don’t care. Order fire up the Nicaraguan ovens, this is the wrong color. We will wait for it and the other sample. Yeah maybe order a sample before your order 3,000 square feet of flooring online.

Spirit animal

What is your daughter’s spirit animal?

Nate: Humming Bird

Jeremiah: Joy Humming Bird

Nate and Jeremiah: What’d you write? Did you pick an animal…? Being cheating you know this. You need to just stick at these. We always see hummingbirds everywhere we go. Je always sees them as well. It started with Jeremiah and then now like when our daughter was born. Wherever we go on vacation whenever we stand outside for longer than five minutes there’s always like a hummingbird that comes everywhere.

Dual master bedrooms

Love or Hate, dual master bedrooms

Nate: Hate, unless you are 80

Jeremiah: Hate

Nate and Jeremiah: Everyone hates unless you’re 80. I feel like then you deserve a break. Yeah, then just leave me alone.

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Best Architecture

What is the best architecture style of all time?

Nate: Palladian or Spanish Colonial

Jeremiah: Spanish Colonial

Nate and Jeremiah: Spanish colonial Pam today I see Which is when we’re shopping for our house in California there was like a Palladian style home that we lost. Both of us were so miserable about it. I like a marble Terrace and these incredible columns it was built for the Chandler family in Los Angeles. We got outbid and we were bitter and angry we ended up with a home that Spanish colonial. We’ll restore it back to like that kind of glory but with modern things inside so some of yeah in it. I think it’s more meant to be okay.

Nate as an emoji

If Nate was an emoji, what would he be?

Nate: A small bear

Jeremiah: *Drew a sign of poop*

Nate and Jeremiah: go ah fall bear poop emoji home? Jeremiah: I guess. Nate: It’s over! *Smiling all over*

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