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Nate Berkus Kitchen Tips Where to Splurge vs Save

Kitchen advice? Nate Berkus kitchen tips suggest organizing your kitchen meticulously to enhance both its efficiency and aesthetic appeal. Renowned interior designer Nate Berkus offers a blend of practical advice and aesthetic wisdom for designing a kitchen that is both beautiful and functional.

Nate Berkus Kitchen Tips

His philosophy centers on strategically choosing where to invest and where to economize, ensuring a timeless and efficient space. According to Berkus, splurging on built-in elements and saving on easily replaceable decor is the key to creating a timeless and budget-friendly kitchen.

Where to Splurge

Among the top Nate Berkus kitchen tips is the advice to invest in high-quality appliances and durable countertops. This will provide value for a long-lasting and functional kitchen.


According to Berkus, high-quality appliances are a cornerstone of a well-designed kitchen. These items are integral to the kitchen’s functionality and are used daily, making them worth the investment. A prime example is the stove in his home, which his husband, Jeremiah, praises highly for its performance. “Jeremiah says it’s one of the best he has ever worked on,” Berkus notes, emphasizing that the investment in a quality stove has been beneficial even for someone who isn’t a kitchen expert.

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Another area to splurge on is the countertops. Berkus advises opting for durable and timeless materials such as natural stone or solid surfaces. “You can do it once if you do it right,” he suggests, highlighting the long-term value of these materials. High-quality countertops not only add to the kitchen’s aesthetic appeal but also offer practical benefits, enduring heavy use without losing their charm.

Where to Save

Everything else. One of the essential Nate Berkus kitchen tips is to save money on decorative items by shopping for vintage and handmade pieces that add character without the high price tag. The interior designer has also previously shared Nate and Jeremiah Paris flea market venture with fans.

Decorative Items:

For decorative elements, Berkus recommends looking for vintage and handmade pieces. These items can be sourced from antique stores or markets at a fraction of the cost of new items. He points out that many of the decorative pieces in his own kitchen were found at bargain prices. “All of the decorative things, little pieces, wood bowls, all from antique stores, $10, $5,” he shares, illustrating how these unique finds can add character to the kitchen without breaking the bank.

Everyday Containers and Accessories:

Simple, functional items like containers for olive oil or wooden spoons don’t need to be expensive. Berkus mentions that many of these items in his kitchen are sourced from places like Target or local antique shops. He uses a wooden vase from an antique shop to hold kitchen utensils, which he found for just a few dollars. This approach not only saves money but also adds a personalized, eclectic touch to the space.

The Importance of Organization

Berkus stresses that organization is key to a well-designed kitchen. An organized kitchen enhances efficiency and ensures that the space is enjoyable to use. By investing in quality cabinetry and storage solutions, homeowners can keep their kitchens tidy and functional. Thoughtful organization also helps in maintaining the kitchen’s aesthetic appeal, as clutter is minimized and everything has its place.

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Balancing Splurge and Save

Berkus’ overarching advice is to invest in the permanent, high-use elements of the kitchen and save on the transient, decorative ones. This strategy ensures that the kitchen remains stylish and functional for years to come without requiring frequent costly updates. By choosing high-quality appliances and durable countertops, homeowners can create a solid foundation for their kitchen.

Nate Home Kitchen Products

Nate Berkus offers a range of Nate home products that can enhance the functionality and organization of any kitchen.

  • The 6-Bottle Water Bottle Organizer
  • The 2-Tier Sliding Plastic Pull-Out Drawer Organizer
  • Slim Plastic Bin with Handle

The 6-Bottle Water Bottle Organizer is perfect for neatly storing water bottles, keeping them easily accessible and freeing up cabinet space. The 2-Tier Sliding Plastic Pull-Out Drawer Organizer maximizes under-sink storage, providing a convenient solution for arranging cleaning supplies or kitchen essentials in a compact area. Lastly, the Slim Plastic Bin with Handle is ideal for holding pantry items or refrigerator goods, featuring a sleek design and easy portability that makes it a versatile addition to any kitchen setup. These Nate Home products reflect Nate Berkus’ commitment to combining practicality with style, ensuring a more organized and efficient kitchen.

Final Verdict

According to Nate Berkus kitchen tips, splurging on built-in elements and saving on easily replaceable decor is the key to creating a timeless and budget-friendly kitchen. Designing a kitchen with both splurging and saving in mind allows for a balance between luxury and practicality. Berkus’ tips provide a roadmap for creating a kitchen that not only looks great but also stands the test of time, blending high-end elements with affordable, stylish accents. This thoughtful approach ensures a kitchen that is both a pleasure to look at and to cook in, making it a central and cherished part of the home.

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