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Nate Berkus Design Renovations Talks and Tips

Nate Berkus Design Talks and Tips

Nate Berkus Design Talks are quite famous online. He always felt to help people as much as he can when it comes to social media. Recently Nate Berkus went on Live and took on design questions from fans around the world. Nate Berkus Design questions were answered directly by him.

Nate Berkus Design Live Questions

Pairing Brown with Grout

A lot of people ask questions about pairing brown with grout like they have brown walls and they want to do grey floors?

I really like brown with grey. So my answer is that you can work with things totally very easily. Not all wood finishes have to match you can use a combination of different woods and not all greys have to match and Browns, greys, ivory, camel black, white. Those are colors that will always be classic and always work together. If you want to have an accident color, do something that’s easily changeable. Something like a pillow or a wallpaper or even a paint color.

Kitchen Cabinets

Do you like White for kitchen cabinets?

White for kitchen cabinets, I think one of the coolest colors is a Benjamin Moore color. It is called alabaster because it’s a little bit warmer than your typical white. I am tired of seeing a bright white kitchen as a Nate Berkus design adviser. I think we can do things that are a little bit more interesting than that.

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Black and White Palette

Someone is moving into a new house and they want to do a black and white palette where do they start?

Black and white palette um first thing, I would say is don’t be strict black and white. It can look inexpensive so definitely add some different finishes and textures into that. What I mean is to think about a room with white walls and black trim. For a black and white rug you need like an old distressed wood farm table or a beautiful pottery lamp. Think about all the tones in black and white all the way from true black to light gray and all the way from two White’s to ivory or an oatmeal color.

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I think Nate Berkus design is going to make a black and white palette. Actually seem layered and assembled over time which is always important. When you’re decorating you never want to feel like you spent the weekend online it went click-click, and have an instant room. You have to incorporate some old things with a black and white palette so that it feels assembled and collected that’s the goal.

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Butcher Block Counter-Tops

Erika wants to know that if Nate Berkus design suggests butcher block counter-tops?

Erika, I love butcher block countertops. Nate Berkus design agrees with your taste. I have used the ones from Ikea in my own house so just FYI I think they’re really beautiful. You can also get creative by sanding them down and staining them weed, stain them, Brown we’ve stained them grey. I like the nature.

I like when it looks really messed up. For example, you’ve cooked and there are wine stains and there’s you know it’s almost like a cutting board. I don’t think that you should use butcher block if you want the surface to look perfect forever. Let it feel like it’s been a workstation. Let it feel like an old beautiful country kitchen.

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Top 3 Tips for a Renovation Survival

These are Nate Berkus Design Survivor Tips like jump ropes:

  1. Hire a contractor that you trust. Easiest way to do that is look around talk to friends and family who’s ever had a great experience. Financially, timing-wise, word of mouth, I think is the most important thing.
  2. Order every single thing you need before somebody picks up a hammer. If you’ve got faucets kitchen labelled, all of that stuff, tile, powder room whatever it is that you’re going to need for the project to be here and stored at the site before demolition starts. You have to be very organized to do that.
  3. Made by a man built by man. Everybody so if it doesn’t work out the first time it can be fixed. I know renovations are expensive and really stressful, you should have in mind we’re not talking about you know people or animals or your health. We are talking about grout and metal and stuff like that all right let’s do this.


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