You are currently viewing Nate & Jeremiah Halloween Family Costumes [Pictures & Clip]

Nate & Jeremiah Halloween Family Costumes [Pictures & Clip]

A little trick or treat. Nate & Jeremiah Halloween Post is here. Care to guess what costumes Nate and Jeremiah wore? Wait, the people who are familiar with their show Nate and Jeremiah Home Project, are not only curious about the interior designers. It’s their daughter Poppy and Son Oskar as well. So yeah, let’s check out the interior designers’ family costumes.

Nate & Jeremiah Halloween

Before we get into the costumes, care to guess about the one who picked the costumes for them?


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Halloween Costumes

There is always someone in our circle who has a good eye for costume selection. Looks like Nate and Jeremiah have given this opportunity to their daughter Poppy this year. Yes, you read that right. Poppy chose the Halloween costumes for the Brent-Berkus family. Jeremiah Brent posted on his Instagram story and wrote:

Poppy dutifully chose our Halloween Outfits this year!

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Fairy Forest

Let’s have a look at the costumes now. How about we start with Poppy? She is a forest fairy but with a special power. The power to take care of all the animals in the forest. A while back, Nate & Jeremiah took their daughter Poppy Brent Berkus to her first Broadway show ever. The Broadway show of the famous animation movie, Frozen. No wonder she has chosen to become a fairy princess for Halloween. Jeremiah wrote on Instagram:

She’s a forest fairy and her power is speaking with animals and taking care of them.

Tiger Daddy

Okay moving on to the Nate & Jeremiah Halloween costume party, let’s talk about Nate’s costume. Care to guess what Nate Berkus is wearing? He’s a tiger. Now those who follow us on social media know that Poppy and Nate recently went to a park where Poppy took a ride on a tiger. Check out this adorable clip in which Poppy is explaining her love for the tiger, Raja.

Now she has chosen her Daddy to become her Raja of the Forest.

Hippo and Polar Bear

Moving on to her brother Oskar. What costume Poppy has chosen for her baby brother? It’s a Hippopotamus. Isn’t he cute?

Now the only one left in the Nate & Jeremiah Halloween family costume party is her Daddy Jeremiah. Poppy wanted Jeremiah to become a Polar Bear. She’s sharp you know? She becomes the princess of the forest while controlling and taking care of all the animals (tiger, hippo, polar bear) around her. *Laughing emoji*

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From our Zoo to Yours

So let’s finalize this post with this family picture in which Brent-Berkus’s family wishes their fans a Happy Halloween. Jeremiah writes:


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Happy Halloween from our little zoo to yours!

So how were their costumes? Also, let us know in the comments below what were you on this Halloween.

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