Nate and Jeremiah as Gay Men Role Models?

Nate and Jeremiah as gay men

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4 Responses

  1. Debbie Dyer says:

    Love u 2 plus ur children. Can u do my home. My husband and I are both disabled and have done the best we can but far from done.
    Debbie Dyer
    Palmetto, Florida 34221
    [email protected]
    (Just outside of St.Petersburg, Fl

  2. Beverly J Lewis says:

    I think Nat and Jeremiah is great role models. They are two very amazing humans. I love reading about them and learning from them how to design a beautiful house. They she have won on Rick the House. The kitchen was beautiful as well as the rest of the first floor of the house.

  3. zackary warner says:

    I love you. You guys are so how are you guys doing during Covid 19 how the 2 daughters of yours?

  4. zackary warner says:

    I love you2. you guys are the best how are you doing during coronavirus? has anyone tested positive how are you and the girls doing?

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