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Nate and Jeremiah as Gay Men Role Models?

Do you think of Nate and Jeremiah as Gay Men Role Models? Interior Designers Nate Berkus and Jeremiah Brent answer random QnA from their fans through different social media platforms.

Nate and Jeremiah as Gay Men

One of the questions in the QnA also included that if they both think that they are role models for Gay Men? To which they answered as well. Nate and Jeremiah Candid Questions such as their living spaces collection, Rachel Zoe, brick or not brink, etc. Check out their QnA.

The Fifth Wheel Talks

@Lhuntduerre on Twitter: We love you guys. We live in a brand-new fifth wheel on a beautiful property in Northern California. What can we do to make it more comfortable and ”homey”?

Jeremiah: It’s a trailer. I think you know a lot of them come pretty fab. So they are already are re-done. I think it’s about again personalization. Introducing finishes, I think with a fifth wheel it’s about texture, wallpaper is a really great friend. They’re removable wallpaper which is, its great product, that’s out now. Carpeting because those are most of them are carpet. 

Can you make a trailer home?

Nate: You can. I think you can make anything a home. You know I’m on my fourth Passport. I’ve been around the world and I’ve experienced a lot of different cultures and what home means and all these different countries. I think just because you’re in a trailer doesn’t mean you can’t live beautifully. Just because if you live in a yurt you can live beautifully.

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What to Add

We would add some things like Nate and Jeremiah as gay men, I would add family photos framed on the wall, I would commit to things that really tell the story of your family. I would, if there’s anybody that knits, make some pillows, you know have things that you have a personal connection to.


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Living Spaces, Offices, Businesses

Jamie Jones on Facebook asks: You have such great product lines. I love your furniture line in living spaces, do you have any plans for more?

Jeremiah: We actually just launched a full breadth of the collection about two weeks ago. It is furniture for the bedroom, dining room, living room. Again, with an emphasis on creating stuff that is not transactional or temporary. But things you can buy it at a really affordable price point, that you can have for a long time which is our intention.

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Product Design

Nate: We love product design. Fans love our show Nate & Jeremiah by Design Season. We can’t go, we can’t be in a city or get off a plane and experience a new place without thinking how that can be translated into a chest of drawers or a pattern, on a sofa. So it’s a when you’re in that zone you constantly look.

Do you ever do business? yeah. Offices? Sure, definitely.

Role Models For Gay Men?

Ben Hardwick on the blog asks: Do you see yourselves Nate and Jeremiah as Gay Men role model? how do you feel about having that responsibility?

Jeremiah: I’ve definitely felt a responsibility. To showcase and to continue the work of the LGBTQ advocates that have happened before us. I’m still I think personally working on I don’t know whatever a role model means. But yeah, I think we definitely feel like we have a responsibility to continue to move that needle forward.

The Only Current Family on TV

Nate: We’re the only family currently, Nate and Jeremiah as gay men, gay family like us with two fathers on TV with two kids right now. That’s it. On all the networks, on all the primetime on cable that is at present, the only ones. So there is an inherent responsibility built into that. However, I think what is more important than the responsibility to be a political role model is to be a human role model. So what we put out there and how we behave on camera and off camera is very important to us. It’s not lost on us that people are paying attention husband.


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Sick or Ostracized

Jeremiah: I mean when I was growing up the gay on television you are either sick, or you’ve been ostracized. So to actually be able to create a different narrative as a family with that you know is rooted in love, that are working hard, and doing their best to raise kids, it’s just nice to showcase that for some other kid out there who’s like that what does this look like for me if I tell my parents tonight. 

A Special Thank You

Nate: We were at the Grove here in LA the other day. We got on the elevator with both kids, Nate and Jeremiah as gay men. Strollers, the whole nightmare, diaper bags the whole story and he lady stopped us out of the elevator and said:

I never do this I just wanted to say to you both, that my son just came out to me three days ago. My biggest fear was that he wouldn’t have an opportunity to have a family and children and your show is playing in the background. I just wanted to say thank you. Because I realized that it was my own perception that what you’ve created for your family in your life wouldn’t be possible for my son. I was reminded of seeing you with your children that anything is possible.

You’re gonna have to explain to them why they have two fathers?

We do yeah. Trust me, she’s very aware. She had a little friend, he’s like where’s your mom? she goes, I don’t have one.

Painting Brick, In or Out?

@POsitivepax on Twitter: What are your thoughts on painting brick? I love brick but it seems like everyone is painting their brick homes or fireplaces white.

I don’t mind painting brick if you want to paint it brick but I’d again, what makes me nervous about that question is they’re seeing what everyone is doing. We’re much more interested in what you think is the best look for your family brick can be beautiful and if that’s what you like, leave it.

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From Rachel Zoe to being Independent

One more thing Call Monroe on Facebook: Jeremiah used to work for Rachel’s Zoe, what was that experience like? was it hard to go from working for someone else to managing everything yourself Nate and Jeremiah as gay men?

Oh my god, it was so hard. It was so hard and so awful. But the rest was in the purpose, I sold everything I owned. My car and everything to buy my LLC. I worked out of my living room with just one glass desk that I found. But, if you’re lucky enough to work in your passion and love what you do which I’m very fortunate. I wake up thinking about design we go to bed thinking about design. It’s the best reward and it works out.

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  2. Beverly J Lewis

    I think Nat and Jeremiah is great role models. They are two very amazing humans. I love reading about them and learning from them how to design a beautiful house. They she have won on Rick the House. The kitchen was beautiful as well as the rest of the first floor of the house.

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    I love you. You guys are so how are you guys doing during Covid 19 how the 2 daughters of yours?

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