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Nate Broke an Antique During filming for Season 2

Nate Broke Something Yes, you read it right! Nate broke some of the antique(the horn is seen in the featured image) while shooting for the Season 2 of their ongoing show Nate and Jeremiah...


Poppy Help Prepare Nate Berkus Son Oskar’s Nursery!

Nate Berkus Son Who doesn’t know Nate Berkus Son Oskar Brent Berkus now? Everyone does. So we have have an exclusive talk between Nate, Jeremiah and daughter Poppy setting up nursery for Nate Berkus...

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Nate Berkus & Jeremiah Brent Exclusive Interview After Baby 2 & Season 2 Premiere!

Nate & Jeremiah By Design Season 2 is here. We all have been waiting for them to return and they have! After the season 2 Premiere both the interior designers had a little chit...