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Poppy Help Prepare Nate Berkus Son Oskar’s Nursery!

Nate Berkus Son

Who doesn’t know Nate Berkus Son Oskar Brent Berkus now? Everyone does. So we have have an exclusive talk between Nate, Jeremiah and daughter Poppy setting up nursery for Nate Berkus Son Oskar which is Poppy’s brother.

Daddy is back

”Nate: I was in Minnesota okay. Come here for a minute all right. So we are going to set Oksar’s room okay?

Thought of a Nursery

Our version of a nursery is a little bit different. Beautiful wall covering but this is the you cannot damage grass cloth which is amazing. you know. This we used to be a chest of drawers in the 70s we’re going to add the changing table top to this but I love the idea of using things that like you’re not buying stuff just for the nursery. We are going to use a lot of stuff that we have in the house and just kind of make this come together. We also secretly can’t spend children’s furniture it’s pretty brutal so as ladies right now as it exists currently. All right so start it over here.

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Setting up the Rug

I love huh soft is this, comfy at night. *Nate and Jeremiah setting up rug in the Nate Berkus son(Oskar’s) room* perhaps you like this rug it’s super cozy right. Popps do you like this?

Poppy: Yes.

It’s your favorite? pop so we made a wrinkle when you put a rug back down you can’t ever have a wrinkle right it has a wrinkle

Poppy: It has a wrinkle?

We have to fix the wrinkle, The bed got a lot of wrinkles. yeah then daddy can fix his wrinkles on this face okay

nate berkus surrogate son oskar

Selecting the Space for Crib

Good that way these babies. Hey pops, you know what we’re going to hang this on the wall? Why don’t daddy pick you up you can help them put it up. *Hanging up some decoration piece up to the wall*  Okay ready we’re going to put it on that. Great, I think that’s like a good girl. Do you think Oskar’s (Nate Berkus Son) going to like it?

Poppy: yeah.

Where do you think this crib should go put it here where do you want to put it?

Poppy: Here, here and here. *Pointing out to three different room spaces :D*

Organizing Nate Berkus Son’s Room

Okay, whoa okay let’s see pops are they scary or cute?

Poppy: Cute

Okay good. I like them they’re going to go here. Daddy found these in Spain. *Heavy table Jeremiah calls while picking up.* Pops I’m really happy that you’re helping us. You don’t have to tell Oskar (Nate Berkus Son) when he’s older that you helped us make his room. Here is his rocking chair and that you’re gonna help us with that? *Poppy checks up the heater* I don’t think he needs a heater yet you think he needs a heater.

Poppy: Yes

Nate Berkus Son Oskar Nursery

Who is Coming?

Okay, all right pops good job family high-five give me a high-five *denied sweet* who’s coming? who’s gonna enjoy our family? it starts with him ah yeah are you gonna give him lots of kisses?

Poppy: He’ll need a bear, yeah. He needs a bear yeah all right you pick Oscar okay I am going to snuggle him into bed when he comes home.

Nate: Such a good idea

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Poppy wants Nate to pretend like Oskar

Poppy: please peetand to be Oskar?

Nate: You want me to pretend to be Oskar? Okay all right I’ll pretend. I have to get in here?*Asking Poppy if she wants him in the crib* okay my bear.. Am I Oskar, Am I Nate Berkus Son, your brother? Pop’s this is really symbolic of my life. Can you grab me something to eat actually? *Nate asking Jeremiah* I mean the only thing that’s different is the crib *Jeremiah replies* do we have any spinach? dude thanks dude. Bye dad ciao we’re hanging out in here.”

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