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6 Bathroom Cleaning Hacks To Avoid A Renovation

I’m in a bathroom and a condo. It’s a new build and requires bathroom cleaning hacks because it’s already really bad. She knew about the problems with the sink, which is exceptionally low, and everyone can see this. It is not that tall. This mirror sticks out to accommodate the light. A very harsh life and no storage whatsoever. Designer Reiko Caron shares quick and easy ways to add style and functionality to your space. Read how she did it in six easy steps!

Bathroom Cleaning Hacks

The one positive about this bathroom is a fantastic shower. Mice walk-in, teak detail kind of love it. Now because this bathroom also acts as a laundry room, which is great but will need much more storage. Just because his bathroom is brand new does not mean it works. This one definitely doesn’t.

bathroom cleaning hacks sink
Sink Before

There are some quick bathroom cleaning hacks. I love these kinds of small bathroom makeovers which not only better functioning, a better looking too.

bathroom cleaning hacks sink after
Sink After

Bathroom Cleaning Hacks #1

Swapping out the old sink for a vanity with storage and a medicine cabinet. IKEA has these great clear bins that fit perfectly in their vanities. So you don’t have to go looking for things you know exactly what’s in every bin. How great is this?

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bathroom cleaning hacks before

Bathroom Cleaning Hacks #2

A tall skinny cabinet to hide all of the ugly things. I have nice packaging like this attractive man soap. Just leave it out on the open shelves. Perfect! When his girlfriend comes over, she’s really going to appreciate this.

bathroom cleaning hacks

Bathroom Cleaning Hacks #3

Using art as storage with a small lockable medicine cabinet. I love these little-woven baskets which you could fill with all the necessities for a guest. Hence, they could just hook it on and have several bathroom decor ideas for small bathrooms as per need.

bathroom cleaning hacks bathroom updates

Freestanding Shelving Hack #4

Freestanding shelving, so you don’t have to drill into your nice tile. This actually fits really well in here and it doesn’t compromise any of the flow. Good, you can put the ugly stuff on the bottom always.

bathroom cleaning hacks

Bathroom Cleaning Hacks #5

Put something on the washing, the laundry door with a piece of art because swapping out the door wouldn’t have been a quick fix. This door swings open and shut, I decided to go with a very lightweight IKEA frame and velcro sticker. Hence, so it’s not going anywhere. See how it’s just not going to move.

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bathroom cleaning hacks

Final Hack #6

Make space look larger and cozier with a larger rug. When you’ve got this much floor space, it’s nice to use something other than a bath mat. In this case, just a cotton rug which can be washed.

Therefore, the last thing Breeden wanted to do was have to renovate a brand new bathroom but it just wasn’t functional. With a few quick fixes, it is now ready to be used.


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