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Easy Storage Solutions for a Chef’s Stylish Kitchen

Reiko Caron shares a stunning eat-in kitchen. She designed easy storage solutions for her friends Biana Zorich and chef Marc Thuet. Reiko removed the wall separating the kitchen from the dining area to create one large room. Then, H&H developed a custom hue for the cabinets with AyA Kitchens — a stunning midnight blue.

Easy Storage Solutions for Chef Marc

When I first saw this kitchen it was very small. There were some questionable colors on the wall. Things were not only piled up on top of each other, but a lot of kitchen things lived in the basement because there was just no space.

easy storage solutions before

Marc and Biana

I’ve known the homeowners, chef Marc Thuet to it and his wife Biana Zorich for about ten years. I had the pleasure to work for them when I first moved to the city. Now they’ve become like family. I’ve spent many nights here being fed. By one of the best chefs in the city. When I saw the lack of storage, I started to think easy storage solutions for his home.

Biana: I trust Reiko with doing anything my house. She also helped me design my living room, and my kid’s room. So she’s great. She’s also nice.

easy storage solutions before kitchen
Before the Remodel

Having seen him work in a commercial kitchen as well as trying to entertain in his own, I knew that it was time for him to have the kitchen he deserved.

Biana: I cook every night in my family. The only time I don’t cook is when people come over because some family members, he’s(Marc) better.

One Big Space

Most important was to give them a much bigger kitchen. Not provide easy storage solutions for small spaces but to give them a larger space. So we took down the wall that separated the kitchen and the dining room. Made one big space. I knew this was going to be a very hard working space, so I went to AyA Kitchens. They have many cabinetry options which allowed us to maximize the storage space. I knew I had to provide easy storage solutions.

easy storage solutions

Midnight Blue

In collaboration with Aya this year, we had a chance to develop a new color. A color which I got to use in this kitchen. The name of the color is midnight blue. What I love about this dark blue is that it’s not too purple it’s not too green it’s the perfect neutral.

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I think what took the most convincing was to put color on the cabinets instead of the walls. Also, the idea of no uppers on an entire wall is usually scary for people because they feel like they’re losing a lot of storage space. I think on paper it looked like very little storage but once everything came around and was installed, it was clear that there was more than enough. The easy storage solutions diy plan worked out for good.

easy storage solutions pantry

Utilized Space

The drawers are very deep. We put a full-size kitchen pantry cabinet on one wall. There’s a free-standing unit that acts as a china cabinet. We even managed to put a few easy storage solutions around the appliances on the appliance wall. So used every nook and cranny.

Biana: I was more into little details in a storage space and a dog bin, hidden garbage and stuff like this.

Eat-In Kitchen

Seeing as we took away the dining room when we opened up the space we needed to give them a proper eat-in renovate kitchen. So, I chose a black table which was a nice and simple and perfect size for space but it’s still extendable which is good for entertaining. To add that touch of comfort, the perfect upholstered bench, which I’m sure everyone is going to fight over.

easy storage solutions china cabinets

What’s great about these tiles is that the soft pattern really hides any kind of living that gets done in this house. We’re talking teenagers, dogs a lot of footprints and cooking happening. This was a very forgiving floor. What I love the absolute most about this kitchen is the ridiculous amount of counter space.

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Final Thoughts

I really never thought it was gonna turn out this beautiful. To be honest with you I’m really happy with my easy storage solutions.  I’m always here, I am always eating their food. Now that the kitchen is workable and gets even better food and a lot more of it. I’m happy. This paid off for me.


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