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How To Remove Slime From Carpet

Today we are going to learn how to remove slime from Carpet. Experiment time! There’s slime on the ironing board, on the carpet and in my soul. Science is everywhere. If you are like me sometimes things get a little hectic in your life and you put things maybe where they don’t belong, things get a little messy. Hence, this happened to me when I put a bag of slime on an ironing board.

how to remove slime from carpet

How to Remove Slime From Carpet

My previous attempts at cleaning it didn’t work so well. So it’s pretty deep in there. So let’s clean it up. Let me go through some steps

  • I’m going pour a bunch of vinegar on the slime
  • We are going to scrape up all that vinegar slime juice with a spoon.

Sometimes the most exciting and fun science doesn’t feel very fun when you’re doing it. Just kidding no, it is actually working pretty well. Smells like vinegar in here.

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how to remove slime from carpet with spoon

Hot Water and Scrape

This is making me feel better already. The good thing about slime recipes is that it’s school glue which is washable and usually food coloring which is edible. Look at that, looks so much better already. Thank goodness.

  • Hot water or just warm water straight from the teapot will get the job done.
  • The same thing we’re gonna scrappy, scrape, scrape and scrape.

This looks much better, I feel relief. I hope you do too. Just use any carpet stain remover regardless of the brand. Therefore, it doesn’t matter and that is how to remove slime from Carpet.

Leave it For 3 Minutes

Leave it on for three minutes. So go do something fun for three minutes, make more slime put it somewhere contained. Remember that if it’s the weekend like I am having and you’re in PJs try to be relaxing and fun.

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3 Minutes and Magic

Well people, it’s been about three minutes and this experiment was a success. Check that out. Hence, you would never know that a bunch of science was spilled onto this carpet. I have a clean towel that I’ve just been mopping up the excess with here. Now it’s frankly cleaner than the rest of my carpet.

how to remove slime from carpet

Vinegar Smell

Fun bonus fact the carpet cleaner smell will overpower the vinegar smell. Therefore, smells a tiny bit like vinegar but mostly fresh and clean. There we have it. Now, I am going to clean the ironing board with the same procedure I did on how to remove slime from Carpet.


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