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Fernando Bengoechea Life Partner of Nate Berkus

Fernando Bengoechea Life

Fernando Bengoechea was born in August 1965 in BuenosAires, Argentina. His expected death took place on December 26, 2004, in Sri Lanka at the age of 39. Fernando Bengoechea was lost in the Indian Ocean in a natural disaster(tsunami). From celebrities to lavish interiors, exotic scenes, and wonderful portraits of humanity. Fernando photographs reflect spirit and humanity.


Fernando was a fashion photographer. He was the life partner of the famous interior designer Nate Berkus who used to be Oprah Winfrey’s personal guide when it comes to interior design. Fernando Bengoechea was an internationally acclaimed photographer, has had his work appear in major magazines of the world.

Early Life

He was born in Buenos Aires Argentina and grew up his teenage life in Brazil then he moved to NYC for a chance to become a professional photographer. His work is recognized worldwide. His photographs have appeared in countless magazines such as Vanity Fair, ELLE, Harper’s Bazaar, and Oprah.

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Fernando also worked for a number of clients such as New York Times, K-Mar, House and Garden, Town and Country, J-Crew, American French, and German Vogue. He also worked for several celebrity clients such as Jennifer Lopez, Tommy Hilfiger, Naomi Campbell, Gloria Estefan, Marc Anthony, Enrique Iglesias, and Ricky Martin.

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Fernando Bengoechea went on vacation with his life partner Nate Berkus in Sri Lanka Thailand. They both were swept away by the natural disaster tsunami just a few days before New Year’s Eve. His partner the famous interior designer managed to climb on top of a roof and lived. Fernando was hit by a second wave and could not survive. He is presumed dead as his body was never found.

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Fernando Bengoechea and Nate Berkus

Life was hard after the incident. No one can possibly imagine happiness after losing someone you love for a long time. It was the year 2004 when Nate lost the love of his life in the destructive tsunami after Christmas day in Sri Lanka. They went on vacation but who would have thought that it would be a vacation that will last a lifetime. Thousands of people died in the natural disaster, but Nate was meant to survive.

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Nate After the Tsunami

Nate Berkus gave an interview to Oprah after the devastating loss.

I have the grief to contend with. But I feel that I was meant to survive so that I would have a greater understanding both of what I’ve had in the past, what I’ve lost and what I still have to gain.

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It was not soon when Nate started to heal, to let go of the nightmares he would have regarding his love. The memories didn’t fade easily. So why not honor it. Nate made ways to honor Fernando Bengoechea memories through the years. Perhaps no one is a bigger supporter of recalling Fernando’s memories than Nate’s later husband Jeremiah Brent.

Nate and Jeremiah about Fernando Bengoechea

Nate married Jeremiah in 2014. Jeremiah’s vows to Nate included a nod to Nate’s past relationship. Jeremiah stated:

How can that not be part of  our love story. There’s no two ways about it. Yes I believe we are married but Fernando is definitely a part of it. I oftenly feel that I am connected to Fernando; I honor that story not only for Nate just because I believe in Love.

Both Poppy Brent Berkus and Oskar Brent Berkus will remember him. I will do what I can to make sure kids keep Fernando’s memories alive. Nate and Jeremiah welcomed the kids via surrogacy in 2015 and 2018. There is a reason why Nate and Jeremiah named their second kid Oskar, it’s just because of Fernando.

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The Art Which Lives

A studio of Fernando Bengoechea was created in the memory of the famous photographer. The aim is that his art is will live forever. The art of Fernando is something that is revived, preserved, and will live into eternity. He may be not here but his art is very much alive. His brother Marcelo Bengoechea revives Fernando’s work by hand-weaving some special editions of his famous photographs.


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  1. Judi

    I was admiring the Lotus flower, photograph in the April 2004 House and Garden magazine.
    I searched for more of Fernando Bengoechea’s work. I was stunned to see he was lost in the tsunami of 2004. I remember the terrible news, even today. Nate your love that brought Fernando with you into a valuable future is awesome.
    I’ve been wallowing for too long with my loss. I see now that I must pick it up. God blessings to all those in your life.

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