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Mediterranean Interior Design Holiday Home Decor

A stylish Mediterranean interior design holiday home in Greece. Now let’s venture to the southernmost tip of the Peloponnese Peninsula in Greece. The area is literally the stuff of legends as it is the setting for several Greek mythological stories. It’s where Hercules battled the Nemean lion and Paris of Troy eloped with Helen to cause the Trojan War. We’re off to visit an Italian couple who owned a stunningly beautiful holiday home there. They take little breaks there several times a year but we are not sure why they ever leave.

Mediterranean Interior Design Home

Traditional Greek stone cottage, on the southern tip of the Peloponnese. Peninsula Federico Tasso and Antonella Carpani from Italy converted it into a holiday getaway. They spend as much time as they can here in Mani. The cottage’s interior mirrors the colors of the natural surroundings.

mediterranean interior design

The Choice of Colors

Federico – About the colors and the choice of the colors, this has been very easy because we are so much in love with Mani and so close to the sea. The concept of Mediterranean interior design living room was to capture these colors and to capture the blue of the sea inside the house. So you can see that the details of the of the doors and the chairs and everything are exactly the blues of the sea. About the rest that you can see the sand, and colors on the floor, the same colors on the ceiling. Mediterranean ceiling designs? natural colors completed everything.

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Traditional regional items lend the cottage are typically Greek flair.

Mediterranean Interior Design Tradition

Antonella – Well, what I wanted to have was something simple but traditional. Something that I could find here in Greece. I went around and found these plates, for example, they’re very nice. I colored the simple order carpets which are also covered to bring some beautiful colors in the house in the form of Mediterranean home decor accents.

mediterranean interior design traditional plates

The couple collects stones and objects from the beach to decorate their cottage. Most of all, the two appreciate their unobstructed view of the sea.

Unobstructed View of the Sea

Federico – Being so close to the sea and so in love with this place that it has been always a dream. Now it’s a dream that they I can live. To wake up in the morning and just to stretch myself and look outside. Check out how is the weather, how is the sea and I can make in the sea which is just a few meters away. I can just look at Mediterranean interior design and the sea, that’s great.

mediterranean interior design sea

There were several Bathroom Decor Ideas for Small Bathrooms, but our bathroom is at the far end of the cottage. Right up against a steep cliff.

Reflecting the Rock

Federico – We decided to have one opening here. One door opening towards the rock. The bedrock and we decided also to have this – let’s say hue, this color, nuance, which is exactly reflecting somehow the color of the rock.

The cottage boasts a hundred square meters of space.

mediterranean interior design bedroom

Bricks and Closets

You can see the canopy so far that has been made in bricks. So from the same structure of the of the rest of the house and just laid some mattresses on top of it. You can see also here is a functional way to have some closets.

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The living room and renovate kitchen merged together instead of doors there are curtains. The couple wanted to add an annex to the cottage but local authorities initially prohibited it. They wanted to preserve the traditional scenery.

Mediterranean Interior Design Solution

Federico – The solution was to have some these two – piece of glass from down to the top and a very lean and simple roof here. So this was okay put them. At the same time, it turned out to be very good also for bringing the maximum level of light from outside into the house. Sunlight is nice, so does our Mediterranean interior design. When everything is lighting and you can see the light from outside which is nice.

mediterranean interior design living room

All the new elements seamlessly blend into each other.

Stones and Light

Federico – So the house interior design styles, both houses are made of stones, local, old stones. They are where visible also from inside. So we decided to have a white for the purpose of light, to have white interior walls including this one that is covered in the stones with a little bit of texture and leaving these two pieces as a sort of a quotation of what was the stone visible from inside still enjoyable for your looking.

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The cottage exterior and interior harmonize the chairs reflect the structure of the reef roof and the patio picks up the color of the surroundings. The perfect Mediterranean interior design holiday home getaway. Not least because of its stunning location.


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