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Nate Berkus and Jeremiah Brent Discuss Surrogacy

Jeremiah Brent and Nate Berkus Surrogacy ‘Wonderful experience’ Couple stated

Poppy took part in the process all along, Nate Berkus surrogacy experience was wonderful. Nate Berkus and Jeremiah Brent tried their level best throughout the pregnancy process to provide many ceremonial experiences for Poppy so she can feel excited and involved for Oskar’s arrival.

She joined doctor’s meetings, witnessed ultrasound photos and she also met the surrogate. Nate and Jeremiah made her know everything about her brother’s arrival.

Nate Berkus and Jeremiah Brent of TLC’s “Nate and Jeremiah via design” want people to speak surrogacy.

We don’t hear people talk about that as much as they could or should

Nate Berkus surrogacy experience informed all the mothers remaining week in an interview at their new partnership with Huggies, a line of customizable diapers.

The couple welcomed their second infant, three-month-antique Oskar Brent-Berkus, into the home with their daughter, three-years-old poppy. Each poppy and Oskar have been born through surrogacy.

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When asked about it about the kids, the interior designers jumped at the opportunity to share.

“The kids will be curious someday about the process” Nate and Jeremiah agreed. By doing so, “there won’t be any unclear thought or surprises”

Nate Berkus said they formed “lovely bond” with both surrogates and would be “forever grateful” for “completing us.”

“We witnessed it as a very blissful experience,” he said. 

At last Oskar met Poppy

Nate Berkus surrogacy process and Jeremiah Brent said Poppy Brent Berkus was quite pleased from the beginning and had been anxious welcoming a sibling into their house.

She loves to cuddles with her brother and Nate and Jeremiah give her company in bed after every sunrise — something the couple hope lasts a while.

“We always wanted her to be sweet and she was sweeter, but we never thought she’d be so caring and nurturing,” Jeremiah told. “It’s pretty aww-able”

He also told that Oskar recognizes the voice of Poppy, whenever she talks and giggles around he smiles at her all the time, and feels like ”he wants to be with her” he told.

“Oskar simply idolizes Poppy.”

Still, when a new member is added to the family there always need to be adjustments made like making up a nursery of baby Oskar.

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Kids should feel special

During a tv show appearance on ”Oprah”, Nate Berkus surrogacy process caught a piece of parenting advice which got stuck in his head. He has never forgotten that it was way back before his wedding with Jeremiah, he was in his 20’s.

Dr. Maya Angelou told Oprah that she has only one rule when it comes to kids:

Do your eyes light up when they enter the room?

”I remember those lines like it’s only yesterday” Berkus told, and thinking it was such a “succinct way … of going through the chaos … of balancing and juggling.”

Whenever Oskar Brent Berkus having a rough morning, even if he cries, and needs to get his diaper changed, Nate and Jeremiah always prioritize to look at Poppy and show her, even if for a second, that they pay attention to her and her presence is being valued.


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Jeremiah joked about her that they are not too much concerned about Poppy:

 “Luckily our daughter is very aware of her value in this house.”

Oskar and Poppy have “no shortage of personality,” Berkus added.

Both kids have ” no shortage of personality,”Berkus added. A personality of the person is dependent upon the names of the child. There are two different stories of how Nate and Jeremiah named Poppy & Oskar.

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  1. diane Richardson

    You talk about surrogcy and your children are very lucky that they have you as parents. Which one of you are actually the biological parent? They are both adorable.

  2. Marsha Scheer

    Oskar is beautiful, as is Poppy. You are a beautiful family. When I heard Oskar was getting his name from Nate’s ex who passed away, I cried my eyes out. Jeremiah, you and Nate are truly blessed. I thought the last show of season 2 was a goodbye, but, thankfully it wasn’t. You guys are awesome, and Poppy and Oskar are two beautiful children.

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