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Nate and Jeremiah Personal Questions Answered

Today we answer Nate and Jeremiah Personal questions. Technically their zodiac signs are not compatible. Jeremiah’s zodiac sign is Sagittarius and Nate’s is Virgo. The interior designers went on an exclusive interview where they revealed some personal experiences about their lives. Here are some of the questions answered by the designers themselves.

Nate and Jeremiah Personal Questions

What moments throughout the day make Nate the happiest?

Little things matter

Nate wakes up to a house with candles and music on. For him, it’s probably the weekends because he likes that the couple is laser-focused on the family and on their kids. He likes that they always go to a fun brunch or lunch with the family, come home, have rest time, and throw on a movie for the children. Nate believes he loves the moments in between the most. It’s not the grand moments or a big vacation. Some of them are memorable but the little moments like getting ready for school or just hanging out as a family are the ones he cheers for the most.

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How does Jeremiah think that his bond with Nate has evolved by creating a family together?

He always thinks of ways of how they can spend more time together. Jeremiah believes that they both are better listeners. Parenting for them is an exciting exercise because one of the first things they did was talk about what they both could provide for each other and what they couldn’t provide. Like when you first meet somebody, it’s like very territorial pissing on trees, trying to prove yourself, make sure somebody hears this, but at this point in their lives they both trust each other which is just beautiful.

Being two dads, and raising a daughter, how has it been for Nate? What’s that experience like?

Super Present for Children

A couple of things come to Nate’s mind. First, he says he’s grateful to Jeremiah for being such an amazing father. The couple started having kids when Nate was older. Nate was 41 when Poppy was born. The point is, that Nate felt happier that he was in a stage of life where he could slow down. His mom had him at 23 and he feels like he has been super present for both of their kids, and that is Nate’s favorite thing about it.

Jeremiah feels it’s really a unique thing raising a woman. You have to realize how great, smart, talented, and incredibly creative women are, but by raising them you realize that they should really be running the world. Since the day Poppy’s been born, she’s been teaching them in a lot of ways. They both learn from her every day.

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Continuing more on Nate and Jeremiah Personal questions, Does Jeremiah see a piece of Nate in either of our kids?

Nate’s Humor and Jeremiah’s Sensitivity

Jeremiah says he sees all of him and their children. He sees Nate’s humor, his social skills in their daughter, his sweetness, tenderness, and their son reminds him of Nate.

Does Nate see any of Jeremiah in their children?

Nate thinks of him in both of them. Their sensitivity, vulnerability, and communication skills are from Jeremiah. The fact that they feel safe enough to tell them everything.

Is their life what Nate had imagined for himself when he was younger?

Oprah’s wisdom

Nate would answer that by saying not at all because he didn’t. Oprah always used to say

‘you have to dream a dream, like God has a bigger dream than you can dream for yourself.’

He believes that with their show, their family, with everything that they do, they are dreaming, both of them. They are living a bigger dream than either one of them had thought for themselves when they were younger. He didn’t know it was possible to be married legally, to have children, to create a family, and then do it as a family by ending up in people’s living rooms so that they could see that Nate and Jeremiah love exactly the same way that they do.

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