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Nate and Jeremiah New York Home [Pictures]

Finally, we have the pictures of Nate and Jeremiah New York Home. So today interior designers Nate Berkus and Jeremiah Brent have finally revealed the inside of their new NYC home. Fans on social media platforms expressed their love and desire to see their new home as soon as possible. Here is what Nate and Jeremiah had to say about their new NYC home.

Nate and Jeremiah New York Home

So first we are going to show you is our parlor.


We bought a townhouse that has sort of half of a parlor because there’s this huge glass railing behind and we didn’t know how to use this room. I mean we have this dream of it being our grown-up space but at the end of the day, the idea is to have a place where we can come up and have a cocktail, can hang out, or have a nice quiet moment.

nate and jeremiah nyc home parlor

But designing this space was a disaster. It was honestly like the worst experience of our design careers. It has three different entrances. The question was where to put the sofa? Where do you put the chair? We just landed on this like two seconds before everybody arrived to take pictures of the Nate and Jeremiah New York Home. Coming from LA, we really wanted to find a place that our children felt safe. A place that feels like a home and this house the second we walked in, even though it didn’t look anything like this, We knew that we could really make it our own and we could grow as a family here.

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The Family Room

So this portion of our home is super cool. So this glass railing and this crazy glass bridge were here. One of the reasons we love this house is this is the family room down here. You get this incredible volume. I think the coolest thing we did this renovation was designed and build this bookshelf which is actually floating on the wall. But we connected it as well to a bookshelf downstairs and we centered the sofa there in the middle.

nate and jeremiah nyc home

We downsized from our Nate and Jeremiah LA home. Basically this entire space would have fit into an eighth of our living room. But as our eyes travel around the room, they land on things that have come with us from home to home. It is combined with some new things like these sconces, next to this thing from Mexico City from Pedro Friedberg from 1,000 trips ago. It’s great I think to fill a home with things that tell the story of you and your family. That’s what we’ve tried to do here.

Heart of the Home

So it’s time to show you our favorite room in our Nate and Jeremiah New York home. It’s where the day starts, it’s often where the day ends. So we really wanted to treat this like the heart of the home. It’s a space where we can laugh and we’ve got friends and family over. The kids sit here every Saturday and Sunday and bake pancakes with me in the morning. We didn’t move any cabinetry, we didn’t move any appliances and by doing that we saved a lot of money. We were able to spend money on the finishes of things that mattered to us. Like this beautiful faucet. In a small space like this, it’s great to be able to see all the dishes.

nate and jeremiah new york home kitchen


One thing that we realized like most families that we basically live in the kitchen. It is such a luxury to be able to have a TV, a hangout room that’s open to the kitchen. This is where we’re at, constantly. The thing is that this was a major decision we moved with both kids. We knew what our lifestyle was going to be. You can see the volume in this space, so this space makes us feel like we’re actually using and interacting with the entire house even though we spend 95% of our time here.

nate and jeremiah new york home pictures

All right so strangely the other day I looked over and our son had taken a black pen and he had drawn all over that suede ottoman. What was really interesting to me is that Oskar got every single section. It wasn’t like he just went in one section he just went around and around. He was very thorough and he did a great job. Thorough in everything he does.

Jeremiah and Gifts

I started buying Jeremiah lighting as gifts. This brown little lamp on the table was a birthday present for Jeremiah. It used to be in our living room in Los Angeles. It’s just it makes me so happy to look at it too. The bronze in the picture above is by our friend James Brown who lives and works in Mexico is one of my all-time favorite things in the home. James Brown gave me the best life advice ever. He said to make sure to ‘’stretch and save’’ Stretch and save is all it takes.

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Dressing Room

When we bought this house, there was no real master dressing room that was gonna work for the two of us. So this is entirely new. We built the entire space in our Nate and Jeremiah New York home. What’s cool about this is that this was part of the bedroom. This casing is all-new, and then there’s storage behind all of these doors with the fabric behind. That is really what we needed.

nate and jeremiah nyc home dressing room


Our bedroom is very serene, super thick carpeting. We’ve got a monochromatic theme. This Matt Connors painting that we’ve moved from home to home. It’s so cozy. Everything has a purpose, everything has a function. It’s just a cozy room.

nate and jeremiah new york home bedroom

One thing that we love the sitting area. It’s sort of sculptural. This table used to sit in our kitchen in Los Angeles. This chair is part of our collection to living spaces. But when we purchased the house the fireplace this all didn’t exist before. It was just a marble mantel. So I worked with camp Studios to really craft this and this silhouette kind of inspired with the 1930s and it’s all hand fluted plaster. We’re really proud of the way it turned out.

Poppy Land

This room makes me so happy. It’s like this bright happy cute land for our daughter Poppy Brent Berkus. One thing about this move that was really important unlike the room that she had previously is that we wanted her to have all of the design direction. She got to choose the wallpaper. She wanted a pink carpet, she wanted her bed to be pink, she wanted everything to be pink. So it is.

nate and jeremiah new york home poppy room

What’s special about this room is that it’s actually not that different in terms of the things that we had in her bedroom in California. All of these things are meaningful to our family and meaningful to Poppy. I think having children it’s really given us an opportunity to experiment with color in a way that neither one of us ever did before. I would never have gravitated towards this palette. One thing I should not miss to tell you I really love it we’re up here every night rolling around with the kids. We’re just really grateful for our Nate and Jeremiah New York home.

The Domain of Oskar Brent Berkus

This is the domain of little Mr. Oskar Brent Berkus. I love this bedroom. I think this is the cutest boy’s room on earth. The painting behind Oskar’s cribs has always on the edge of somewhere that was painted by our friend Michael Haney.

nate and jeremiah new york home oskar room

On the other side of the room, there is also one of two Fernando Bengoechea photographs. My former boyfriend who died in the tsunami. His name was Fernando Oskar Bengoechea and that’s why our son Oskar is named after him.

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It’s really about again finding pieces that can transition with you. We’ve owned all of these things for years. This was Poppy’s crib, it stayed with us. This used to be our candy cabinet when we lived in Los Angeles. Everything in here has a form and a function. I think that’s really important when you’re creating any space in your house and I think with nurseries especially it’s nice to kind of bring things in and see how you can adapt them to the baby.

That’s it

We are so happy to be back in New York City. Thank you for checking out this post and pictures of Nate and Jeremiah New York home. Leave your thoughts in the comments below.

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  1. Donna

    I love your new home and how big it is and how big poppy is getting. I hope everyone is doing well. take care of yourself and your family. Mrs Donna Meek Greensburg IND

  2. Cynthia

    You both did a great job in decorating your home.

  3. Marcia Wildermuth

    Good luck in your Beautiful New Home! We miss you and were wondering when you will be returning
    to your TV Program! Cannot wait, it has been too long! Wishing you the best of everything!
    Love Marcia and Daniel Wildermuth xoxo

    1. Gina Rucker

      They evidently have a new show on HGTV – it’s on now! I just saw a commercial for it today – and it looks like it’s the 3rd episode…it’s called “Nate and Jeremiah – Save My House”. Going to watch…

      1. Donna

        All repeats of the TLC show. I do hope they will film again.

  4. carmen luisa delgado

    It looks awesome poppy room looks so cute for that beautiful princess AND oscar room looks also great

  5. Catherine

    Wow! I love your home – all of the right touches in each room! You two did a beautiful job!
    I am with Poppy . . . Love the pink!

  6. Debra mathews

    Thanks for sharing your life’s and family with us.The two of you are certainly and inspiration to this crazy world.Your love and respect for each other is absolutely beautiful your designs are so down to earth and practical.They just make sense..I would love for you to come to my area in NC.upu can have free reign to design my home!

  7. Jane

    Enjoy the show and the relationship you two have. Been a fan of Nate’s for years and so happy to be. Fan of Jeremiah too. Wonderful family.

  8. Dr. Meami Craig

    I love both of you for who you are as individuals and as a loving couple…I love both of your beautiful and amazing kids who you encourage even at these tender ages so you to be their authentic selves…I love your gorgeously comfy new home…and I REALLY love that your back on tv on Sat nights! Been following you forever and you bring me such joy..then, now, and always! ????

  9. kate

    The pictures of your new home are great. Love the style. Loved getting a glimpse of the kid’s rooms, both are fresh and fun. BUT, who wrote the copy for this article? Lots of the sentences simply don’t make sense.

  10. David Sanchez

    I have always enjoyed both of your styles and collaborations. Always an eyegasm! You can always detect a Nate & Jeremiah design!

  11. Margie Cieslinski

    Nate: I just adore your family & Jeremiah: you are so cute. Love, love your decorating styles. Poppy & Oskar are so lucky to have you as parents.

  12. Sharon Klingler

    I am a huge fan and obsessed with watching Save My House. I tape every episode. I love to see what you do for the people, not only by fixing their house but also just improving their lives. I also like to see your kids. It makes me cry sometimes to see how much love there is in your family. I hope new episodes will be coming soon. Your New York home is amazing. I am in love with the stone in the kitchen especially. God Bless You.

  13. Sally Hammond

    OMG! I miss your shows on Saturday nites – When are you going to start up again, now that you are settled in New York? You two (plus your two adorable children) are an inspiration! Love you both!

  14. Candy

    A beautiful home filled with love

  15. Lindavd horst

    You create a beautyfull home for your famly
    Esspecially poppy.s world an d the room for oskar
    Two lucky children have there dads can create such beautyfull rooms ,you are great guys
    I watch you program wen i can

  16. Connie Kane

    I have been watching your re-run shows going about the 4th time!! I just love your show and was so distraught that HGTV did not pick you up again. Poppy is a beautiful young lady!! And your little man was always so adorable.

    Thank you for your honest and sincere emotions during the HGTV episodes. Praying that you all have been safe from this virus.

  17. Zena

    So happy to see your new season. I love your family. Poppy is adorable and precious Lol

  18. Zena

    So happy to see you loving life Nate with your wonderful partner and children. I remember the loss of your partner in a horrible tusami

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    So beautiful! The old pieces really make it feel like a favorite pair of jeans. Love you guys!

  20. Colette McGimpsey

    I love your home by far you are the best designers on HGTV. . What I really want to tell you is that you are both amazing parents for your beautiful little family, They are very blesses to have you. I can see the it is important to you both to foster positive parenting in the most crucial years of their lives. I really admire you both for this, I’m not sure but your home on Rock the block was the best home by a land slide., I feel that there must have been something internal why you didn’t win ,because you were the winners for sure. It was the best home . I wish that you could come and redo my home. You guys are amazing all the best to you and your lovely family. ,

  21. Sam Durham

    What is Poppy’s amazing wallpaper?!?!

  22. Thomas W. Peterson

    Where are the televisions? That seems to be the biggest challenge that these interior designers ignore. Like them or not, clients are going to want them

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