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Nate and Jeremiah discuss Politics & Activism

Famous interior designers Nate and Jeremiah discuss Politics in their recent interview. The couple was asked if they were active in Politics of not, read what the couple had to say.

Nate and Jeremiah discuss Politics

You’re very active for the LGBTQ community, are you active in politics? 

Jeremiah: I am. Politics is the secret love of my life. If I wasn’t doing design I think I would have been in politics full-time. It’s more important than ever for people to speak up and be heard.

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What’s Happening in Tijuana

Are you pessimist about what you see?

Nate: No. No, we’re hopeful at what we see. You know I think it’s very easy right now in our current climate to be pessimistic about a lot of things. But we just came back from Tijuana. We were visiting the shelter at the border in Tijuana and trying to get an understanding of what is really happening there.

Credibility Has Been Lost

I think it’s so hard right now for people to watch the newsreel and the ticker. If we Nate and Jeremiah discuss Politics, I think that a lot of credibility has been lost. So people don’t know what to believe. We’re doing a lot of hands-on firsthand experiences and we can see with our own eyes.

Healthy Debates

Jeremiah: I think it’s just a call to consciousness. I mean for the first time at least in my lifetime, people are talking about politics when you go to dinner, they’re having a conversation. I think pin changes of the pendulum and it’s swung very aggressively one way in a beautiful way for eight years. We’re definitely, I believe in a dark chapter.


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But what was really interesting if we Nate and Jeremiah discuss Politics, I think. A person like me who lives and breathes news and politics, every morning I read everything, even Fox. I realized how out of touch I even was, with what was going on in a large part of this country. People stopped talking to each other. So our commitment is to engage in the conversations. Not go like ”I can’t talk to you because I disagree with you.”

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