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Nate Berkus Instagram August Book Reads

Nate Berkus Instagram Reads

Every month Nate Berkus Instagram Posts a set of books. The books which Nate Berkus is reading for this month of August. So today we look at his Instagram Post of August in which he has recommended 3 books to read. Nate always consistently updates fans about his monthly reads. Nate Berkus Instagram updating process started from September 2017 till date. You can read out the complete list of Nate’s collection from the previous year till now here.

Nate Berkus Instagram August 3 Reads

His August Reads

  • We Are All Completely Beside Ourselves by Karen Joy Fowler
  • Trevor Noah’s ‘Born a Crime’
  • Don’t Get Too Comfortable by David Rakoff


Karen Joy Fowler

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Karen Joy Fowler is best known to us for The Jane Austen Book Club, an immensely popular and intelligent novel about people looking for love. In this latest work recommended through Nate Berkus Instagram, love is again the theme. This time entwined with the family and the notion of such “stranger” intrusion. But the form that intrusion takes is highly particular in this case, and its consequences for the family concerned are equally particular.

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Publicity for this book prefers not to reveal the nature of the intrusion, but after thinking long and hard about it. I am at least going to warn you that I’m about to reveal what it is. Nate Berkus Instagram suggests If you don’t want to know, look away now, but Fowler raises important issues that are impossible to discuss without mentioning it. Nate Berkus Instagram loved it and recommended to the fans on his social media platforms.

Trevor Noah’s ‘Born a Crime’

Nate Berkus Instagram August Book

There are many things that stood out for me in the book: the love between Trevor and his mother and that they are a “team.” (even though she is clearly not perfect, and he can see that, she has a determination underlined by her religious beliefs).

Nate Berkus Instagram describes of how crime serves a poor community is particularly interesting “because crime cares.” From putting food on the table for the hard-working mother. Who will buy a pack of frozen burgers without questioning where it comes from; to accepting that a boy he grew up with now sells crack. The decisions he needs to take as to how far he himself is prepared to go up that particular survival chain.

Nate Berkus Instagram explains throughout the book Trevor’s fine sense of humour shines through. Although the second half of the book (as he comes to terms with having grown up in an abusive home environment) is darker.

Don’t Get Too Comfortable

Nate Berkus Instagram David Rakoff

It’s well worth reading for Rakoff’s use of words as he has a beautiful way of writing. Whether he’s dishing or dashing his topic or himself. In general, he dishes himself, which I suspect is part of what attracts his fans. Nate Bekus Instagram Post is reflecting why. Each essay addresses a variety of issues as Rakoff leapfrogs from negative to positive and back again. History, politics, environment, consumerism, the shallowness and depth of the individual. And Rakoff, he makes it work.

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In this particular book, his essays are the result of his field trips into trying on different roles or simply investigating. There’s his short stint as a cabana boy in Miami. Exploring life after death and the possibilities of plastic surgery in others. The outrageous excesses of the Concorde with the contrasting down-home qualities of Hooter Air. It is easy making fun of our obsession with beautiful food. Contrasting it with snobbish superiority over people in homeless shelters.

Nate Berkus Instagram post also praised Steve Brill’s naturalist forays into Central Park combine with the Catholic Church and Linnaeus while regretting how out-of-date Brill’s ambitions are, and his exploration of fasting with his candid experiences.


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