You are currently viewing 12 Unseen Fernando Bengoechea Photos

12 Unseen Fernando Bengoechea Photos

Today we have some unseen Fernando Bengoechea photos, late partner of the famous interior designer Nate Berkus.

Fernando Bengoechea

Late Fernando Bengoechea was a photographer and former partner of Nate Berkus. The world-acclaimed photographer went missing (presumed dead) in a tsunami back in 2004 at SriLanka. Nate and Fernando went there on vacation to celebrate New Year’s Eve. Nate Berkus and his present partner Jeremiah Brent has not forgotten him. The couple often talks about him and his legacy on several occasions. However, Nate and Jeremiah also share a story naming their second child Oskar Micheal Brent Berkus, after Nate’s Former partner.

Fernando Bengoechea Photos

Here are some of the unseen pictures of the photographer himself. Hence, all the credits to his brother Marcelo Bengoechea who is keeping his brother’s artwork and photographs alive.

Photoshoot in Colorado

Fernando Bengoechea during a photoshoot in Colorado. Always ready for anything.

Fernando Bengoechea Photos

The Love for Children

Fernando Bengoechea loved children. Always spent time learning from them in any part of the world. #burma #kids

Fernando Bengoechea Photos

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Always at Ease

In the company of royalty or gauchos Fernando was always at ease. #inmemory #fernandobengoechea #argentina #pampas

Fernando Bengoechea Photos

A Sunrise in 1984

Fernando Bengoechea Photos are simply a masterpiece. #Rio #fernandobengoechea #sunrise #1984 #pedradagavea

Fernando Bengoechea Photos

Early Career

Fernando early in his career 1980s #mardelplata #argentina ?@maparravicini

fernando bengoechea photos

Jumping into the World

Fernando Bengoechea Photos

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The Special One

Fernando worked super hard on his photography and art. But none of us ever felt like his work got on the way to making all of us feel special. Missing him every day.

Fernando Bengoechea Photos

Not a Cowboy

Giddy up Fernando! #colorado #snow #photoshoot #shannanigans #chaps #notacowboy #inmemory

Fernando Bengoechea Photos

Becoming the Waterman

Waterman in 1989, right after moving to the States, Fernando has been living in NYC for a couple of years already, his amazing friend @donvaston took us to his beautiful house in the Hamptons. Turned out that F was a natural at riding #retro #jetskis ?We were sore for weeks though. #missyou #inmemory #hamptons

Fernando Bengoechea Photos

Peek a Boo!

Fernando Bengoechea Photos

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Sky is the Limit

Fernando Bengoechea Photos also indicate his love for mother nature.

Fernando Bengoechea Photos

The Last Ride

Fernando loved the ocean and the ocean loved Fernando so much that it took him away from us.


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Therefore, keep Fernando Bengoechea in your prayers and thoughts. Special thanks to Marcelo Bengoechea (his brother) for sharing Fernando Bengoechea Photos with us. Hence credits to him.

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  1. George Mendez

    You know, “I” never got over what happened. Who am I, no one. Seeing these pictures is a rare and special gift. The greatest gift was Oprah almost relentlessly keeping a close eye on you. When I saw Jeremiah on Rachel Zoe, he has that exuberance of positivity that is infectious. When I realized both of these very gifted and loving men are together, and now a beautiful family. Fernando is smiling from Heaven as tears stream down my cheeks.

  2. Bobbi beck

    3 remarkable men! What more can be said?

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