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Nate Jeremiah by Design Season and ”Love”

Today we are going to discuss Nate Jeremiah by Design Season and what is it about if asked. Let’s read what Nate and Jeremiah have to say about the show if asked that what is it about?

Nate Jeremiah By Design Season

Jeremiah: The connective tissue with our show named Nate Jeremiah by design season is love. So we wanted to create a show that was really about love and exposing people in the rest of the country to our love story. A lot of people don’t see anything that looks like us that you know to raise children. We show love through design.

Nate Jeremiah by Design Season

How does love affect design?

Nate: I think it’s interesting I’ve been at this for over 23 years. There is an inherent power in our environment when we feel good about how we’re living and this is universal. Any country whether you’re rich-poor it doesn’t matter. Everybody wants to live better I think. It’s a universal truth.

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A Soft Place to Land

So when you see a family, when we have the opportunity through Nate Jeremiah by design season to go into these people’s homes and understand their story and how they find themselves in these really awful situations and change that by making the home base a soft place to land. Then there’s a lot that’s born from that the relationships change, the tension shifts, people don’t stress out, and fear coming home after a long day of working or raising children or whatever it is. So we have an opportunity to sort of step in and kind of write a new chapter for their lives.


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What brought you two together?

You know it’s interesting I mean I was living in New York, Jeremiah was living here in California. We had a bunch of mutual friends including Rachel’s, that Jer worked for. We didn’t want to date each other even though we knew each other. In fact, we had a weekend in New York or a day on a Saturday planned and Jer came over. The pitch was to come over, I’ll show you some of the vintage sources and things like that in Manhattan. We’ve been together ever since after the famous Nate and Jeremiah Wedding proposal story.

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Lucky to find Love, Twice

So I think you know I’ve been lucky to have great love twice in my life. My former partner died in the Indian Ocean tsunami in 2004. I know great love for me at least when I feel it. Here we are today two kids later and five years passed.

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  1. Margaret Jones

    I love the way you are able to look at a property listen to the clients and know exactly what to do.l am looking forward to the next season.please can we also have a little more with the family l love seeing Poppy she is adorable and it would be nice to Oskar now he is older keep up the good work love you both

  2. Marília

    I love love to see you all… go back please!

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