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California Modern: Behind the Design | Nate & Jeremiah: By Design

Nate & Jeremiah By Design Season was premiered on April 7 and Nate & Jeremiah had something to say about California Modern: Behind the Design.

Are you ready for a behind-the-scenes look at the latest episode make sure you’re all caught up on the new season of Nate and Jeremiah by design

Gerald and he is were so fun to work with because they were so upside down with their house I mean it’s been a long time since we’ve worked with the family that was living in a kitchen like that and what you didn’t see in the episode was how gross that kitchen was like it was filthy and there was no way to clean it you know like when you walk into a room and you can tell there’s something weird going on behind the walls cuz it just feels a little dank and a little smelly and you can’t quite put your finger omit it’s like did somebody leave the refrigerator door opens like either body or mold right that was like the whole back of their house it was gross it wasn’t a body which is the goodness no it wasn’t a body we were like yeah we could be on a detective show babe instead it was just mold I’d be Angela Bassett for all the moms out there!

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Babe that’s true you kind of are the mom kiyose was up till midnight every night working on a broken oven trying to make lunch for two kids so when you see a mother’s desperation I mean even any mom with a working stove it kind of feel bad for when you really dig into their schedule but he is was like a completely different thing she wasn’t even getting any sleep because she couldn’t function the family couldn’t function with the-space the way it was so we knew we had to step in and do something I know what Nate’s favorite part of surprising this famine the pizza parlor was yeah I ate-like 30 pieces of pizza at 10:30 in the morning and I even put on Instagram that that is the best pizza place in LA he hasn’t stopped talking about that pizza place

I think the best part of any of these surprises especially with Geraldine he is it’s just that relief that washes over these homeowners knowing that they’re not gonna have to go through this alone the pizza stars well yeah I think it ‘be fun it feels young it can transition with their family it’s kid-proof stars yeah I was on board with the star floor at all at first and then the more we sort of sat with it and the more Jer told me that I didn’t really have choice I became very supportive I got a little bit more diplomatic than that know if you were listen there are few things that either of us really fight for when it comes to design so if we’re digging our heels in the sand about something it usually Sector the other person to listen because we might becoming at this for the perspective that we the other one didn’t have yeah and there’s not one right way to design a space everybody knows that unless it’s mine we wanted this kitchen to feel California modern

One of the elements that was really important fours is the iron and glass door which shifted the architecture of the whole space so cool that matte black finish we carried through to every detail to the hardware on the cabinets to the Delta Faucet which was awesome in matte black which I love for a lot of reasons one it’s clean and sleek but I also love the touch technology because as somebody who cooks constantly and never has hands that are fully available it’s really easy to turn-on and off it was our first installation of the season so we were a little bit jumpy working with you know some people who work with us on season one but some new crew as well but it was it was it was actually really pretty good I love install day your I love install day too but you’re always stressed a little I’m stressed about making it perfect but I behind the design no but I love Halloween I’m not stress is stressed out it’s also a big responsibility and we feel this on install day that we’re working with the homeowners money so you know we ‘rethinking about that every time we’re bringing in a cutting board and moving in a sofa that this is typically what people have saved up to be able to do and they’ve trusted us with their money and they’ve trusted us with their home usually their most valuable possession I couldn’t do it um

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I would never do irate you kidding I would never get can you imagine I mean I love you but no you wouldn’t even let me move like a sofa in our house without your permission when he is walked in and started sobbing uncontrollably and said I’ve never joy cried before yeah not since their wedding I think or she said you should even write a wedding there’s not as a different show but you know that’s that’s really what it’s about for us I mean the I when you get to curate that type of joy and be a part of it in a very small way it’s the best job in the world we talk about it every before are these installations nobody gets to be on the other side of that curtain and say welcome

Well we will them & want them to keep fixing lives of people like that. Catch the new episode this Saturday on TLC.

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    Just loving your show. It takes a heart & soul to do a design each and every time and you keep carrying it all the way through. I would love to see info on products used. I don’t mean every item but the highlighted ones. Loved that stove/oven that was yellow but needed to know where to look for one. Can you reveal?

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