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Nate Berkus Birthday & Jeremiah Brent Design QnA

Guys, it was September 17, and you know who’s birthday it was. It was Nate Berkus Birthday! So we all know that Jeremiah Brent his husband, and design partner had special plans for Nate on his 48th Birthday. But unfortunately, the couple hasn’t shared much on social media. Jeremiah is very private related to his surprises but here is a collection of content that the couple updated on social media on this occasion.

Nate Berkus Birthday

Nate Berkus shared a video clip in which he is presumably standing at a bakery or a cake shop and says this to his fans:

Hey guys, it’s my birthday. The only thing that I ever really want…is a grocery store White cake, white frosting, like this. – Nate wrote on his Instagram

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Jeremiah Brent Instagram Post

On the other side, Jeremiah Brent uploaded a picture of Nate on his Instagram account and wished Nate Berkus Birthday in his own charming way.

Happy birthday to my everything. Nobody could love you more. You’re everything, in every way, everyday….and all mine mwahahhahaaha. – Jeremiah wrote on his Instagram

Jeremiah Brent and Delta Faucet

So nothing much to share with you guys related to Nate Berkus birthday. But in another Jeremiah Brent Instagram session, he was asked some of the design-related questions. Actually Jeremiah teamed up with delta faucet to share his thoughts on all things related to design.  Check out how Jeremiah responded to these design-y questions.

Jeremiah Brent Delta Faucet

Design Style

How would you describe your design style?

I think a good designer is always a good listener. Our process is all about listening to our clients what they want, or what they need, but sometimes they also don’t understand what they need. Our job is to be a really good translator, and we take it seriously.

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Good Exercise

What is a good exercise someone can do when starting a new project?

The first thing you need to think about when you are starting a new project in your home is to know what’s the first moment you want to translate? Where do you start your day? Where you end your day, where you meditate, where you recenter yourself? Create a space that’s really based around you and your story.

Riding on Both Coasts

How does living and designing on both coasts impact your design style?

I am so lucky that I get to design on both coasts. I definitely have that California ease when it comes to the style that I gravitate towards. For example, I like clean lines, simplicity. But I like the sophistication of the east coast. So it’s all about the balance you keep in position.

Edit your Home

What does it mean to ‘’edit’’ your home?

I fundamentally believe that you have to edit your home. If it’s not absolutely beautiful, or absolutely functional, get rid of it. It sounds really simple but it can be complicated for a lot of people but you got to get an eye on a place to land.


What’s a recent trip that you’ve taken that inspired you to design something new?

I always try to use travel as a reference for the way people live. Recently I was at a place William Vale Hotel in Brooklyn, NY by Delta Design Trust, and just seeing the skyline. Now the architecture has been shifted over the last 10 years, is a huge inspiration.

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Describe, Style

How would you describe your design style?

The cool thing about design style both personally and interiors that it is always evolving. I love the clean lines, I love the simplicity. It’s a cool element in any space.


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