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Nate and Jeremiah Design Questions for Living Spaces

So yesterday, Nate and Jeremiah Design questions session took place. Both designers posted on their respective Instagram accounts and asked fans to send their design or Living Spaces related questions.

Nate and Jeremiah Design QnA

Fans from all around the world submitted their questions through Instagram. Here are some of the questions answered by the famous interior designers regarding Nate and Jeremiah Living Spaces Collection.

nate jeremiah design living spaces

Same Page and Boho Chic

How do you both stay on the same page when creating your beautiful pieces? We have very different design perspective but we’re drawn to the same lines so we try to create spaces that are transitional & universal. If one of us doesn’t like something, it doesn’t make it in Nate and Jeremiah Design. There’s always more than one option.

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Can you style boho chic? Our collection is all about putting your personal stamp on it. If your home feels boho chic, then we have lines within the collection that would work with that!

Fabric Selections and Plans

How did you decide on colors when curating your fabric selections? Our capsule collection of upholstery had bold colors like the rust sectional; we wanted it to stand out. We found that a lot of people customized those pieces in neutral colors so the majority of the collection is now neutral.

Are you planning to use this collection in any upcoming projects besides Nate and Jeremiah Design? Of course! We created pieces that we’re emotionally connected to and we’re proud of. We can’t wait to see how everyone uses it & we can’t wait to use it personally.

Contemporary and Traditional

Would you categorize the style in the collection as a mixture of contemporary and traditional? It was important for us to create a collection that didn’t feel too traditional or too contemporary. We wanted to strike a balance so anyone with any aesthetic could incorporate the pieces.

What conditioner does Jeremiah use? I actually don’t know the name of the conditioner I use. It’s from CVS.

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And we live with antique and modern pieces mixed together. Why shouldn’t other people have the opportunity to do so at a price they can afford?

Full Colors, How to Start Off

Is it child-proof? The fabrics are all performance fabrics which mean they’re incredibly easy to maintain and clean. Baby & husband-proof!

When we are going to see some great stuff in full color? You can customize any of our upholstered pieces at living spaces! There’s a range of fabric including bright colors if that’s right for you.

Nate and Jeremiah Living Spaces

Decorating a new house can be so intimidating? Any advice on how/where to start? I think people should take time to understand their design personality – get on Pinterest, start assembling a visual file of ideas, colors, and combinations that you love. Take a beat before you actually go buy anything so that you know what you’re buying fits into the style – and I think they should start at Nate and Jeremiah Design collection of Living Spaces.

The Price Tag

Is it affordable and if not, what am I getting for my money? I think our collection is super affordable. More importantly than the actual price of everything is the value that you are getting because we know how every place was manufactured. It’s solid furniture that’s going to last a long time.

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Where to place bookcase in a living room with window doors and a corridor leading off? One of the things that we pay attention to is what sight line is when walking down a corridor. If there’s a wall at the end of the corridor, it’s nice to have a bookshelf or something that your eye can land on.

How to Make it Perfect

Are you going to make your sectional into a sofa and love seat? The gray one? We are not planning on making the sectional into anything else at the moment but if you really want to do it, we will consider it.

Why is it so perfect? We appreciate that you feel like it’s perfect! We really spend a lot of time; everything has been designed by us. We paid attention to every detail in our Nate and Jeremiah Design. We didn’t let anything in the collection that we didn’t really like from the quality of the construction to the inspiration behind it to the design and the way it was manufactured. So, Thank you.

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  1. nedra

    I like many pieces from Living Spaces, however I am in NC and they do not ship here. I am decorating a new house, the Sugarberry Cottage by Southern Living. I would love to use blue and white to make it comfortably elegant. Any suggestions?

  2. nedra

    I like many pieces from Living Spaces, however I am in NC and they do not ship here. I am decorating a new house, the Sugarberry Cottage by Southern Living. I would love to use blue and white to make it comfortably elegant. Any suggestions?

  3. Janet Shank

    saw a floor lamp in S1, E2 behind Nate and Jeremiah when they were both sitting, talking about the design ideas they had for the renovation. I am wondering if it is available somewhere. It had 3 lights curving out away from each other with light shades

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