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Nate and Jeremiah Most Nervous Reveal in Season 2?

Nate and Jeremiah Season 2 Finale

Nate and Jeremiah Season 2 finale is happening! We’re celebrating their TV show’s(Nate and Jeremiah by Design) Season 2 Finale this week by answering some exclusive questions for you right here! Today’s special guest… the one and only, Nate Berkus and Jeremiah Brent.


The Questions are relating to the season 2 of Nate and Jeremiah by Design Season 2. Nate andJeremiah both answers the questions below.

Comfort Zone

What episode made Nate and Jeremiah go out of your design comfort zone?

I would say French mid-century was a really complicated episode for being design wise because we were very limited with what we were able to bring into the space. It was a challenge we found we did a hard time with episode we did. I think both of us did the secret of what goes on any makeover show is that you have a certain amount of vendors that you can work with. I think both of us stand behind the final design and yeah you look really beautiful and we transformed the way the house even flow and I know they absolutely loved everything about the design which makes it so much better

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Nate and Jeremiah Most Nervous

Which episode did made you feel most nervous about during reveal?

Yeah full disclosure. I’m a nervous wreck before every reveal made so much more centered and like in a good place. I always get really got little sick when we both take this job very seriously is an incredibly vulnerable position on both sides. This season Covenant House the stakes were really high for me I was really nervous about what that needed to represent and Peggy who we both loved and share this infectious joy about her.

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I was nervous about that would be able to because it was such a departure from the way she was living before. Okay, that was actually most nervous about the first episode Gerald and he is Californian modern they really didn’t give us any direction whatsoever. It was Leon and they were just yeah they were completely open. We took risks with that floor tile with the star pad for some reason for me it was I think we get this right. How they gonna connect to this and then seeing their faces when they saw for the first time both the bus.


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