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Nate Berkus and Jeremiah Brent Home Disagreement at Rachel Ray

Nate and Jeremiah went for a visit at the Rachel Ray show. Actually, they had a big issue with her regarding Nate Berkus and Jeremiah Brent home disagreement.

Nate Berkus and Jeremiah Brent Home Disagreement

Rachel sent them the largest unicorn For Christmas. They cannot get Poppy Brent Berkus off of the unicorn. Yeah, All they see is their daughter going like– This is the small clip below on the morning she got it. Rachel replies as if they both don’t understand, if you switch on it, it goes forward like it’s really rolling. But Nate and Jeremiah reply with they understand. She will not get off of this unicorn and that was her first effort, like her very first time. That was her first time.

The Christmas Unicorn

But it actually does teach them (children( how to ride real horses because they just go like this. There’s no motor in it or anything. No, but It’s really sweet. It was a great present. Poppy loves it.


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So what is it? What’s the problem? Rachel asks Nate and Jeremiah right away! So all right, so here’s the thing to which Nate responds.

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I believe that things have meaning.  And I believe that things matter. And I think we’re taught that we shouldn’t be attached to things because it’s all materialistic. But when we look around our Nate and Jeremiah home and when I look around our house, things bring up memories for me. And I remember where we were and what trip I was on and all of these things.

The Disagreement?

While Jeremiah discards Nate’s sentiments by saying: Oh, this is the pits, you guys. No. Don’t get sucked into this. So I have– Don’t get sucked in guys. It goes anywhere that you don’t need it. Jeremiah insists on Nate Berkus and Jeremiah Brent home disagreement decor item.

To which Nate responds, I have something that I’m incredibly proud to own. It is an English, leather pig. There it is, right next to my bathtub. And it technically– Yes, it travels. It technically was a footstool but I think that there’s something really charming about it. There he is again in our different Nate and Jeremiah house, years later. There it is by a table. It’s a footstool, Nate says.

nate berkus and jeremiah brent home

My issue is that the pig has no actual purpose.  Nobody puts their foot on that. – Jeremiah

Maybe Rachael will come over and she’ll be so tired playing with the unicorn that she’ll put her feet up. – Nate

Racheal Breaks the Ice

But it’s a really cute pig and I have to confess that my mom gave me fire benches, they’re just big sheep, but in Europe, they actually put them in lodges and stuff and it can hold like 300 pounds, human weight. But nobody sits on my sheep. It looks a little freaky if they do. Like a couple of drunks, maybe three years ago. But I am kind of a sucker for– Animal stuff. Yeah. So my– You do not like that pig, Rachel points out to Jeremiah.

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Jeremiah hates it!

It’s a leather pig. Nobody else thinks that’s weird? I like things in the home to have a purpose. Yes, I know there should be an emotional connection to them just like my own Jeremiah Brent tattoos and I love that story. But this is just a thing that collects dust. Jeremiah responds to the pig controversy in Nate Berkus and Jeremiah Brent home disagreement.

nate berkus and jeremiah brent home disagreement

Left to the Studio Audience

You have no emotional connection to that pig. (laughing) Even if you painted the pig, you wouldn’t keep the pig? No? (laughing) No, Jeremiah answered. Yeah, you can see it’s really difficult to dust. All right, so should we put it to the audience to vote? Everybody except Eugene. All right, so who wants the pig to stay?- Nate asks the audience to vote

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*Yay. More than half of the audience raises their hands (clapping)* Okay, all right. I think you might have won. I think I did.

Nate Won

And who wants the pig to go? *Clearly Nate Berkus won the fans favor* (clapping) Oh, sorry baby. Thank you beloved Rachael Ray audience. I hope you’re happy. Nate wishes the audience a farewell as Nate Berkus and Jeremiah Brent home disagreement was settled in the favor of Nate, until next time.

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