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Master Bathroom Stylish Makeover On A Budget

Interior decorator Vanessa Francis shares master bathroom plan, and the process behind her daughter’s bathroom, which she designed and renovated for $5,000 in just six weeks. See inside the bold, beautiful space and learn how she stayed within her budget without making compromises to the decor.

Master Bathroom

So we’ve been living in her house for about ten years. We didn’t really touch the bathroom, it’s typical builder basic. It had the basic laminate counters, twelve by twelve-floor tiles, and it was really time to give it a refresh.

master bathroom before

Master Bathroom Ideas

I renovated the bathroom as part of the one room challenge where bloggers and designers transform a room in six weeks. I’ve always been drawn to black and white rooms in general. So I knew I wanted to incorporate that into my daughter’s bathroom makeover. She’s 13 years old.

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Master Bathroom Layout

we started with the Schumacher wallpaper I was dying to use it. It wasn’t a big splurge because there’s only one wall that we did. That’s what kept the bathroom for not looking too chaotic. She loved it, I loved it and we brought in black and white accessories and then we made it a bit softer by adding in some pink and some lush green.

master bathroom wallpaper


The Vanity

We knew we wanted to keep some elements like the vanity because it had a lot of storage in the drawers. But we wanted to update it, by painting it a matte black and changing up the hardware. Of course, we splurged on the quartz counter which is an investment but it’s so easy to clean up and it’s great for kids baths. Then we found this black matte faucet from breeze oh so that was a bit of a splurge.

master bathroom vanity

Floor Plans

I have always loved marble hexagon floors and had been putting it in client’s bathrooms. So I thought this is a great space to use it for my master bathroom floor plans. So it’s an oriental white 2-inch marble mosaic. I think it really elevates the look of the bathroom. The one thing that we saved also was the tub. It was in pretty good shape after ten years of use and the tiles which are simple six-inch white square tiles, which builder installed ten years ago are still in style. But the one thing that we did do to really upgrade that area was to install the Brazeau matte black shower system.

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Every Room Needs Art

I love the rain head. Just the sleek design it’s very Scandinavian and very minimalist. It just has a beautiful look to it. It was fun choosing the art and bathroom decor ideas for small bathrooms with my daughter. She actually picked all of the pieces. I believe that every room needs art, even master bathroom and it tends to get overlooked but I think it can really elevate the space.

master bathroom

The Budget

I think people can do a refresh of the bathroom like this, for around five thousand dollars. If you keep certain elements that are in good shape and thence purging on some elements that cost a little bit more but you really love them. So the budget was a bit of a challenge but I think we worked within it and ended up with a master bathroom that my daughter and I both loved.

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