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Nate and Jeremiah Valentine’s Day Love Story on Instagram

Nate and Jeremiah Valentine’s’ Day celebration culminated in a cozy evening at home. Both recalled some of their favorite moments as a couple. Love was in the air this Valentine’s Day as celebrity interior designers Nate Berkus and Jeremiah Brent took to Instagram to celebrate their enduring bond of love and partnership.

Nate and Jeremiah Valentine’s Day

In a heartwarming exchange of affectionate posts, the couple showcased their deep connection and appreciation for each other. This captivated the hearts of their followers.

Instagram Posts

Nate Berkus kicked off the romantic exchange by sharing a candid snapshot of himself and Jeremiah. The post was accompanied by a heartfelt caption that spoke volumes about their decade-long journey together.

“This guy. 10 years in and I still won’t leave him alone. Happy Valentine’s, JB,” Nate wrote, expressing his enduring devotion to his beloved partner.

Jeremiah Brent reciprocated the sentiment with a sweet reply, leaving a comment that affirmed the depth of his love for Nate.

“No one loves you more. x,” Jeremiah lovingly responded, further solidifying the strength of their bond.

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Always and Forever

Nate and Jeremiah Valentine’s Day posts were not done yet. Not to be outdone in the romance department, Jeremiah took to his own Instagram account to shower Nate with affection. He shared a series of photos, including a picture frame featuring a cherished moment shared between them, as well as an endearing throwback photo of Nate. Furthermore, in his caption, Jeremiah expressed his unwavering commitment to Nate, declaring,

“Another day of celebrating my love for you, @nateberkus. Always and forever.”


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Nate Berkus reciprocated Jeremiah’s sentiment with a swoon-worthy response. Furthermore, he left a comment filled with heart emojis that spoke volumes about the depth of his love and admiration for his partner.

“Only you. 😍😍😍,” Nate affectionately replied, encapsulating the essence of their enduring romance.

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The Space that Keeps You

In addition to celebrating their love on social media, Jeremiah Brent is all set for his upcoming book. “The Space that Keeps You,” is set to launch on February 20th, 2024. However, it’s available for pre-order on Amazon. The book offers readers a unique perspective on interior design, focusing on the emotional connection between people and their living spaces.

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Described as more than just a pretty design book, it delves into the emotional significance of design choices. It celebrates the quirks and intricacies that make a space truly special to its inhabitants. Jeremiah’s latest venture is sure to resonate with fans who appreciate the transformative power of design in creating meaningful and personalized environments.

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Expressions of Love

As Nate Berkus and Jeremiah Brent continue to inspire others. Their creative endeavors, and their unwavering commitment to each other serve as a beacon of hope and inspiration in a world that can often feel chaotic and uncertain. Nate and Jeremiah Valentine’s Day posts, their heartfelt expressions of love remind us of the enduring power of love, connection, and authenticity.

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