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Oskar Brent Berkus with Daddy 7

Oskar Brent Berkus Photoshoot with Jeremiah Brent

Oskar Brent Berkus Photoshoot It’s been a long time since we have caught the eye on Oskar Brent Berkus. The wait is finally worth it. Jeremiah Brent recently had Oskar Brent Berkus Photoshoot for...

Nate and Jeremiah discussion 2

Nate and Jeremiah Discuss Childhood and Moving Tips

Nate and Jeremiah about Childhood and Moving Investments Interior Designers Nate and Jeremiah Brent recently posted different videos on their Instagram profile. In the first video Nate talks about his childhood. How was life...

Nate and Jeremiah baby 5

Nate and Jeremiah Talk About Their Relationship

Nate and Jeremiah About Each Other Nate and Jeremiah recently talked about each other. They were asked regarding their working relationship as a couple. To which both Nate and Jeremiah had to respond differently....