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Nate and Jeremiah Talk About Their Relationship

Nate and Jeremiah About Each Other

Nate and Jeremiah recently talked about each other. They were asked regarding their working relationship as a couple. To which both Nate and Jeremiah had to respond differently. They both have completed the second season of their show on TLC which is called ‘Nate and Jeremiah by Design’. Now the fans are awaited for the Nate and Jeremiah Season 3.

Jeremiah Brent said:

We say this all the time, you have to really like the person that you’re married to do a show with them. The reason is that because it is going touch on every issue that you had, with your ego. Every issue that you have professionally, it’s going to touch on every issue emotionally, in your relationship. It has something special, you know it’s those shows are like a big magnifying glass to your personality because you’re gonna see a lot about yourself and learn about a lot about yourself that you didn’t necessarily know existed.

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So it kind of forces us as Nate and Jeremiah if you do it correctly to confront pgacy”arts of your some that are not so cute. We both as Nate and Jeremiah had really not-so-cute moments. I think the truth is at the end of the day I feel Nate and Jeremiah love working together. We love spending time together and we love creating things together we have a blast with it.

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Nate Berkus told:

Yes, we’re aligned on why we’re doing it as a couple. Nate and Jeremiah are doing it because we both believe that people deserve to live really well. The fact that we have the opportunity to walk into people’s homes who may not have ever had the opportunity to live beautifully and live in a space that rises up to greet them.

We’re both even when we can’t stand the sight of one another. You know we were exhausted this time filming literally like jariabek, I hated the shape of your head right. I hate how you chew, what are you eating, you’re disgusting, etc. But it’s better than our goal is so aligned with this television show to our own philosophies on how we move through the world.


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What we think people really should have and what they deserve and when you have that you can work out everything. Also I think but it’s hard, sometimes but it’s beautiful overall.

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  1. Gary Sharp

    You both come across as being so in love, but do you ever argue and fall out to the point of one or both of you stops talking.

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