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Nate and Jeremiah Discuss Childhood and Moving Tips

Nate and Jeremiah about Childhood and Moving Investments

Interior Designers Nate and Jeremiah Brent recently posted different videos on their Instagram profile. In the first video Nate talks about his childhood. How was life back then… how was his elementary school. What did he expected in life. Here is what Nate had to say about it.

Nate Berkus about his Childhood

Nate: ”If I think back, to the kid in my childhood bedroom hysterically crying liking a boy. Knowing it would never happen. Being bullied, being terrified to get on the school bus because this huge guy I mean I was too small. When I was in elementary school and I remember just thinking like what I can’t have. Am I supposed to get through this? But even in my darkest moments I just knew that it would get better.

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Nate and Jeremiah, everyone is different. Straight, gay, doesn’t matter. Everybody is different but in the long run our differences are what actually make us so exceptional. (me)Nate and Jeremiah are married, we are having a baby Oskar Brent Berkus I never thought that was gonna happen to me but it did. The best part is I got out of my own way to let it all happen. So give yourself a chance.”

nate berkus childhood

Jeremiah Brent Instagram

Jeremiah Brent was recently asked about advice when people move to a different place. Check out what Jeremiah had to say on Jeremiah Brent Instagram profile.

3 Items to Invest When Moving

Jeremiah: ”Moving is so expensive. People are always asking me(Nate and Jeremiah), what are the top three investments while making in their homes? I’m all about spending your money wisely. The reason why I love those three items is that the transitional they can last and they can move with you throughout the rest of your homes.

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1. Get a really Great Bed

You guys plus us (Nate and Jeremiah) spend more time in that bed every day than you realize. It’s the one thing that people never actually spend money on and they should.


2. Invest in Any Great Dining Table

I know it sounds strange but I believe in the ceremony of sitting down and creating a meal and gathering but that dining table can actually transition to any home that you move into eventually. It could be a desk in another home. I have a dining table that we cut in half and I mount it on the walls. It’s a console so it’s transitional. Nate and Jeremiah always like dining tables.

Nate and Jeremiah annoucement

3. A Sofa

The sofa is like a little black dress. You need something clean, sophisticated and simple that can transition with you, for years to come. ”

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  1. Karen

    You two are the greatest and I love to hear @bout your lives. I am sorry for problems you had growing up but “that what hurts you makes you stronger”. You are two wonderful adults with two beautiful kids!

  2. sylvia schneider

    I often wonder if there is anyone on earth that hasn’t been bullied? I was bullied by a group of mean girls a couple of years ago. I just turned 71. My parents bullied me for years. it’s hard to believe that someone could be jealous of me.

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