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Design Inspirations of Jeremiah Brent | Finding Beauty Everywhere

Decoding design inspirations of Jeremiah Brent. Acclaimed interior designer, television personality, and lifestyle influencer, Jeremiah Brent is renowned for his impeccable taste and distinctive design aesthetic. Behind the scenes of his creative process lies a wealth of inspiration, drawn from a diverse range of sources that reflect his multifaceted personality and experiences. At the heart of his creative sanctuary is a mood board adorning his wall, offering a glimpse into the essence of his inspirations.

Design Inspirations of Jeremiah Brent

Travel sits prominently at the forefront of Jeremiah Brent’s creative musings. He gazes upon his mood board, adorned with snapshots of serene landscapes and bustling cityscapes. One can discern the allure of the countryside in Portugal and the enchanting canals of Venice. These destinations serve as more than just picturesque locales; they are wellsprings of inspiration, where Brent finds solace and rejuvenation amidst the beauty of the world.

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Beyond Borders

But Brent’s inspirations extend beyond mere geographical landscapes. His keen eye for design is profoundly influenced by the diverse array of décors he encounters locally. From the sleek modernism of Manhattan penthouses to the rustic charm of Californian beach houses, each environment fuels his creative vision and informs his distinctive design sensibility. Brent has also previously talked about his love affair with NYC.

Mood Board

Interspersed among the visual stimuli on Brent’s mood board are words of wisdom and introspection, encapsulated in quotes that resonate deeply with him. Among these, a timeless aphorism from Oscar Wilde graces the wall: “The secret to life is in art.” For Brent, these words encapsulate the transformative power of creativity and the profound connection between art and life. They serve as a guiding light, illuminating his path as he navigates the realms of design and self-expression.

Finding Beauty in Everything

Jeremiah Brent’s upbringing instilled in him a philosophy of finding beauty in every corner of the world, a sentiment passed down by his mother. Whether it’s a supermarket or a hiking path, Brent learned to seek out moments of beauty in the everyday. It’s a sentiment reflected in his meticulously curated mood board. Something where each quote and image serves as a testament to the enduring quest for inspiration and wonder.

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The Space that Keeps You

In addition to his career in interior design and television, Brent recently added an author to his list of accomplishments. Last month he published his highly anticipated book, “The Space That Keeps You”. It offers readers a glimpse into Brent’s creative process, guiding them through the transformative power of design in shaping both our environments and our lives.

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A Daily Practice

The design inspirations of Jeremiah Brent aren’t merely a fleeting muse; it’s a daily practice. A commitment to seeking out beauty in all its forms. He finds endless wellsprings of creativity whether through his travels, encounters with diverse décors, or moments of introspection. Moreover, as he continues to evolve as a designer and as an individual, his mood board remains a steadfast companion. A visual testament to the enduring power of inspiration in shaping our lives and our spaces.


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