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Jeremiah Brent Birthday with Husband Nate Berkus

Jeremiah Brent Birthday Celebrations

Jeremiah Brent birthday Celebration, (born November 24, 1984) a few days back with Nate and Oskar in his office. The couple shared their little party celebration on their respective Instagram profiles while cutting Jeremiah Brent’s birthday cake.

Jeremiah Brent Birthday Cake

Nate and Jeremiah

You probably heard about interior designers Nate and Jeremiah. Nate Berkus used to be a regular on Oprah’s show. Jeremiah Brent has a design company on both coasts. They combine forces for the TLC show Nate and Jeremiah by design. So the two interior designers were in town this weekend checking out their new line of furniture over at living spaces. We found out while their interior design styles are shown in TV shows, movies, magazines, online. They’re kind of down-to-earth guys. Most of us can’t afford a designer and probably aren’t even sure how to arrange our living room furniture.

Jeremiah Brent Birthday

Jeremiah Brent birthday was on November 24. Jeremiah was born on November 24, 1984.  A few days ago Nate and Oskar Brent Berkus Celebrated Jeremiah Brent Birthday Cake in his office. The couple shared a little clip of video and pictures while cutting Jeremiah Brent birthday cake.

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You can check the full video above and the pictures below.

Jeremiah Brent Birthday Celebration

Nate and Jeremiah with Living Spaces

Nate and Jeremiah further talked about their design after Jeremiah Brent birthday celebration and their partnership for Nate and Jeremiah living spaces.


Nate: I have a really tough time with trends. I’m gonna be honest about that. I believe that because I think that trends are designed to make people feel bad about what they didn’t buy last season.

Jeremiah Brent added,  I mean I don’t have personally ever from the trends. I think they’re a really fun way to stay engaged with people but I think our collection for living spaces was really about introducing timeless silhouettes and pieces that can transition with you and be the perfect base for all of those trends that may come in. We want you to pick a sofa that you can have for 10 years if you want or for two.


Nate: we have always felt as designers and in our family that it’s really important to layer in things and I know in a well-appointed room filled layer and then assembled over time. So you can see I mean we tend to focus on the basics hopefully on shapes people haven’t seen before. We’re really proud of everything in this group but you layer and stuff. I mean why not make a pillow out of your favorite sweater that has holes in the sleeves now. Why not add the Afghan that your mother knit for you or crocheted for you.

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It really is an opportunity like Jared said earlier we wanted to provide the basic pieces and have to give people to freedom to layer in things that were personal.

Poppy Brent Berkus


Jeremiah: Everything in our Nate and Jeremiah Home is transitional. That’s the way it’s gonna actually have longevity and be able to move with you is investing in those key pieces and things are the perfect backdrop that you can bring in different things like knitting was saying with the textiles, two pillows, different accessories the trends. The fun things but have those silhouettes that will kind of keep with you for years.

To be honest with you the entire experience has been like having a third baby to start everything was a sketch and the watch would turn into a sample and then watch see people curate their life not with the pieces it’s just this really beautiful full-circle moment.

I mean we set the rooms here and try to create these stories but watching people actually interpret it through their own lens and the cool thing about social means you actually get to see that now you get to see that Ripple. It’s been really fun watching a kid in a video jumping on a show that you designed it’s it’s very surreal.

Target Arizona

Nate: Arizona is a really important market for us too. I mean we you know there’s a lot of second homes here. There’s a lot of people who have retired here. There’s tons of new construction so furniture and as an industry is important to Arizona and living spaces are great here in this market as well. It does gonna be fun to see this stuff land and see where it lands. How people use it and live with it.

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