You are currently viewing What do Jeremiah find Attractive about Nate Berkus?

What do Jeremiah find Attractive about Nate Berkus?

Hello everyone. So Is Nate Berkus Attractive? What makes your relationship an intimate one. Interior Designer couple Nate Berkus and Jeremiah Brent take on some personal QnA about their relationship, life, and children. Read on!

How is Nate Berkus Attractive?

So what do you find attractive about Nate Berkus?

Jeremiah: There are a lot of things that I find attractive about Nate. He is an amazing father. He is a very good kisser. He’s super creative, and he is very intelligent. He is very humble, which is my favorite part. Said nobody ever. *Jokes*

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The Importance of Intimacy

How important is intimacy in a relationship?

I really believe in connection and intimacy. There is nothing more attractive to me than intimacy. Whether there is a conversation with each other at night, talking about something or nothing, or other things. We really work hard to maintain that connection.

Willing to Know One Another

Nate: It takes to be known you have to be really vulnerable. So the vulnerability I think is a huge thing in any relationship. Because if you are willing to be vulnerable, it means you are willing to be known and we are willing to know each other. The sides of us that aren’t so great, the sides of us that are really challenging, the sides of him that are super challenging.

There is hardly any. *Jeremiah interrupts*

I mean the days that he is really difficult. *Nate continues*

You are a monster. I don’t know who you think you are fooling right now. *Jeremiah stops Nate*
*Both starts laughing*

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Sexiest about Nate?

Tell something you find the most attractive about Nate?

Jeremiah: I think the thing that attracts me about Nate is he is just this super crazy database of information. He is insatiable when it comes to reading. He reads like three books of the month. It calms me down to lay in bed next to him and see him reading. I usually put on house Hunters for 5 minutes and then he passes out. Because I am always just fascinated with what you can get for $900 understandable. But also, our show Nate and Jeremiah by Design Season is all about love.

Our Children

Nate: So we have two kids, poppy, who is 4 and a half years old. Yes, she is very specific about half like most four and half-year-olds. Our son, Oscar, is 18 months old, and they are awesome. We got lucky that we didn’t have to compromise and what we wanted as a family, we wanted children. We wanted to be able to raise those children.

A Random Thought

I remember when our daughter was born, obviously, when she was born, I remember thinking. In very concrete moments, the world has made it possible for us to be living this life. It’s not something that’s lost on either of us. We definitely try and move through the world knowing that we are grateful and that we’re standing on the shoulder of people that came before us and helped us.

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    Beautiful!!! My favorite couple EVER!!! My favorite show EVER!!! I wish them continued love for each other and their babies. I can already see Poppy growing into a vibrant…loving and loyal young lady. I’m at a loss for words Nate and Jeremiah but you give me HOPE! There’s so much beauty in your eyes, forever stay shining!

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