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Eco Friendly Mattress Review by a Couple

Today we’re going to review this ”Saatva” eco-friendly mattress. If you are looking for luxurious comfort or a good price, that’s the way to get. I’m Jason this is my wife Jennifer and this is our review of the mattress. Let’s take a look.

Eco-Friendly Mattress

The Saatva mattress uses coil on coil construction, which assists with support and contouring without sacrificing pressure relief. As well as the contouring and support this mattress also use individually wrapped coils, organic cotton, and memory foam construction. For such a luxurious eco-friendly mattress, it is really good affordable non-toxic mattress starting at about 1,100.


So let’s talk about the construction. It supports coils which are at the bottom here are basically strong coils made from recycled steel to provide support and prevent sagging over time. Just really just durable and there to provide you great support. On top of the steel support coils, you have individually left oils which provide contouring and comfort for you during the night whether you’re a side back or stomach sleeper. They’re basically gonna contour to you and be a little less firm than the support coils beneath them.

eco friendly mattress Saatva

Memory Foam

Saatva also uses memory foam in the eco-friendly mattress, that encases the coils to help prevent sagging, provides edge support and overall durability. It uses memory foam through the lumbar area to assist with all of the pressure points, the pressure we’re leaving, and overall conveying of your body. On top, you have a luxurious euro pillow top and they use organic cotton. It is really plush really nice.

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Botanical Treatment

It uses a botanical treatment on the top to prevent bacterial growth so it’s antimicrobial I think that’s a great feature. It offers three different firmness choices, plus soft, luxury firm and firm. We are testing the plush soft version of the eco-friendly mattress. Really nice, great for side sleepers. Some of you back sleepers just depending on what your preferences if you are stomach and for some of you other back sleepers, you might want to look into the luxury firm or even firm model.

eco friendly mattress

Side Sleepers

My wife and I really enjoyed this eco-friendly mattress. We are both side sleepers. Sometimes I’m a combination sleeper but this is just really pressuring relieving, cradled our shoulders and hips just a really healthy mattresses and we were really impressed with the price point. So if you’re looking for just a really luxurious, organic mattress for a great price point we would definitely recommend Saatva.


So let’s talk about some potential pros, you have a luxurious organic cotton cover, eco-friendly materials including the steel coils. You’re basically getting this eco-friendly mattress for just a great price. Sometimes a half of the price of other mattresses.

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So, let’s talk about some potential cons. With any spring mattress you’re going to get a little motion transfer but will be found was that the individually wrapped coils to help them out a little bit. The only other thing I would say as far as cons would just be if you are used to a hundred percent memory foam eco-friendly mattress or something different that it doesn’t have Springs might be a little bit of a change for you.


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