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Nate and Jeremiah By Design Season 3 Surprise?

Nate and Jeremiah Big Surprise

A surprise for the fans. Nate and Jeremiah by Design Season 3 will be premiered on Saturday,  April 13th, 2019 at 9/8c on TLC. A few days ago Jeremiah posted a video on social media regarding a surprise. Jeremiah hinted that it had them years in the making. Fans from all around the world went guessing what the couple is up to.

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Nate and Jeremiah By Design Season 3

Some of the fans reacted that they would announce Season 3 of their TLC show called Nate and Jeremiah by Design. But it wasn’t it at that time. Official news for Nate Jeremiah by Design Season 3 has just been made on January 29, 2019. And it will be back on April 13th, 2019.  A few months ago there was a competition for the fans to win an exclusive prize from Nate Berkus himself. Here is what fans had to say this time:

Fan reactions

  • Courtney Bennett: Pleeeaassee season 3 of Nate and Jeremiah season 2 been to long ago
  • Dorothey Heit: I hope it season 3 I love your show.
  • Debi Genovese: New Season ??
  • Pam Keown: New season
  • Nancy Thorne Spaulding: Season 3?
  • Cathy McCall King: Season 3 Love you guys
  • Lori Betsworth: Season 3 date
  • Mary Ann Edwards: Finished your home?
  • W Faye Broome: Season #3
  • Deborah Wilkins: Fingers crossed it’s a new season!
  • Glenda Huff: Showing your home
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Jeremiah Brent Instagram

Jeremiah posted this photo on Instagram with a caption before the announcement

Big things happening tomorrow. Stay tuned.

Nate and Jeremiah annoucement

The Big Announcement

Designers have partnered with Living spaces for their very own line of products. Here is how Jeremiah Brent captioned while posting an advertising video of their partnership.

I can’t express how much this means to us— our very own line of products born from our love of design. Thank you @livingspaces for making this dream a reality. Shop our exclusive upholstery collection, link in bio! #NJforLS#LivingSpaces @nateberkus

Jeremiah Brent also posted another photo on his Instagram – while daughter Poppy Brent Berkus looks down at the poster of her daddies Nate and Jeremiah.

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Poppy Brent Berkus

“Daddy, you made this” — Over two years in the making… Still can’t believe #NJfoLS is out. Unreal. #thirdbaby@livingspaces @nateberkus

Nate Berkus Instagram

Nate Berkus also took his opportunity to share this news with his fans on his Instagram account. For the past year, Nate has always kept his fans updated regarding his activities. No matter what the news is, Nate shared baby Oskar Brent Berkus surrogacy, tv-show interviews or even his book reads.

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You can check out Nate Berkus Instagram reading collection here. Here is what Nate posted regarding their partnership with living spaces.

Bringing a new furniture collection to life is like having a third child. Fact. Here’s to the official launch of our new collection for @LivingSpaces! @jeremiahbrent + I couldn’t be prouder. To shop see link in bio. #NJforLS

That’s it readers. This is your time to shop from living spaces. We hope just like this the couple soon announce their third Season of Nate and Jeremiah by Design.

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  1. Dee

    Greetings Jeremiah and Nate, I am in Murfreesboro, TN and need you to come to my home to change , fix the mess the builder left me in. I had a house fire in 2012 two days after my birthday, if I had not Ben awake by my friend in Louisville I may not be today. I lost my home and be longings. My home before the fire was so beautiful and cozy but, I didn’t get the same from the builder just a mess. I have pictures of the burn totally down. I still wake up during the night of fear my home on fire. Please come and concern redoing my bathrooms or just change the whole house the floors are not right tile cracked please help. 615 542 3247

  2. Marcia Wildermuth

    Cannot wait to see you both again! My Husband and I love your show, and the children are so Beautiful! Our Grandson and his partner are adopting a child! We cannot wait to see what it is! We will love it no matter what it is! They both remind us of both of you! Hurry back!

  3. Carolyn Johnson

    Will there be a season 4 and when will it air, love the show

  4. Marcia Wildermuth

    Cannot wait to hear about the surprise! When will you be back on the air?

  5. Lauren Vanasse

    I LOVE your show! Please come back!

  6. AJ

    Are they coming back for a season 4? If so, WHEN?

  7. Donna

    I just love the show and seeing there kids growing up and I cannot wait until the new season starts.

  8. Dasm

    Hugely relieved there is a season 3. Congrats!

    Wish you were in Canada!


  9. Eddie

    You say you have a new season 3 but it’s right not really new it’s all stuff I saw last season what’s going on

  10. Joanne Blanchfield

    Joanne: Don’t go out anymore on a Saturday night; keep date night for Nate and Jeremiah. They are a fantastic couple and what wonderful parents. Wish they were in Canada, had a total loss house fire, the contractor recommended by the Insurance Company took the money and ran; now my Son, grandson, and I are struggling to sort things out…when my grandson sees me crying Saturday night tell him they are happy tears; they are such a caring couple…Love them and the show.

  11. Marcia Wildermuth

    Cannot wait to see you on Saturday April 13th, 2019! It has been too long!

  12. Cheryl

    My mother passed this past August and my heat is just broken I and my mother have this big house and we were hoping to sell it and move into a much smaller home but then this happened I now have my Daughter her Husband and my two grandsons who by the way have me wrapped around their fingers for sure we need help my Son in law has health issues and we are in need of getting this house fixed up so that it is easier on him to move around unfortunately I really have nothing as far as money goes I know you probably can’t help I love your show and both of you God bless you and your children they are everything

  13. Gayle Couture

    I am so happy Nate & Jeremiah have returned for Season 3! Off to a great start and so rewarding to watch the work you do for these deserving folks. LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS SHOW!!

  14. Shawne

    Hi Nate, Hi Jeremiah,
    I am in need of your interior design skills for a bedroom that is now vacant since my oldest has moved out. The room is just sitting there and the money I have I want to make the best of it for my sanctuary. I just want to do something for me, but not feel selfish in doing so. Can you help?

  15. Barbara

    I would know when their 4 season will return. Love these they are great designers and love seeing them with their children.

  16. Ammon Haffly

    Are they going to do a season 4? I’m worried that they won’t come back now that they’ve moved to New York.

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