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Interior Design Ideas with Nate Berkus & Jeremiah Brent

Interior Design Talk with N&J

Today we are discussing Interior Design Ideas with the famous interior designers Nate Berkus and Jeremiah Brent. Hello, I am Nate Berkus, interior designer and I’m partnering with living spaces with my husband Jeremiah Brent who has done nothing.

Nate and Jeremiah Chat

J: That’s right I’m virtually useless. I don’t even know why I am here.

N: I mean I am still waiting for the creativity to flow and you’ve got nothing.

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Interior Design Inspiration

From where do you draw your interior design inspiration?

J: We like pretty much all of Nate’s interior design inspiration comes from me. You know, just intrinsically being around me. He absorbs it, feels it and…

N: I’m going to stay married so, I agree.

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J: No, not at all.*Giggles* Honestly, an inspiration for us comes from everywhere. It’s the people we meet, its nature, places we travel.

N: A lot of history too. We have a big library at home filled with a lot of design books and books about furniture making. It’s definitely a passion for both of us. It’s one of the things that we’ve never brought home what someone else thinks is a souvenir. We’re always in some city really far away or some village trying to figure out how to ship something back. Our home is filled with things that we love that I’ll tell a story.

J: But, it’s mostly me.

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Interior Design Decisions

How do you make your design decisions in your home?

J: We always are attracted to the same things. Sometimes we have to showcase them differently but our role in our Nate and Jeremiah house is that if we don’t absolutely love it both of us that is just not happening. It sounds very simple but there are a lot of couples out there who can take that advice and use it. It’s not about just winning a battle, it’s about creating a story together and your space is the perfect place to start.

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N: We actually have very similar tastes in interior design. There is not one right way to do a room or to assemble a space. Everybody knows that. There are a lot of good ideas out there. Sometimes Jeremiah will feel something really strongly about something or I will feel like this is the right move to make, the right color, the right so far whatever it is. Unless we can convince the other person, it’s out.

Wisdom for Aspiring Interior Designers

Any words of wisdom for aspiring designers and home decor enthusiasts?

N:  I mean for aspiring designers I would say interior design is a business. It’s a fun, aesthetic, adventure, it’s great sourcing, it’s flea markets are amazing. Finding amazing furniture pieces for great prices it’s fun but you have to really treat it as if it’s a business. You have to be organized. You can find great content on the internet as well, 8 Bathroom Decor Ideas for Small Bathrooms, 10 New Ideas for Living Room etc.

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I think that’s a mistake that a lot of people make because there’s a lot of people with a great vision and really great eye but they don’t know how to keep a budget or they don’t know how to make sure that they’re billing is correct. I think that you can’t ignore those aspects of things especially building a business today when there are so many people trying to do what you’re doing.

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Just Listen

J: I think you have to really carve out your own way of doing interior design nowadays. You know the business has changed, furniture has changed. Now, all you can go to a big box store, you can go to all these places and really curate a beautiful lifestyle so how can you infuse a different element of individuality into the design practice and connect. The number one thing I try to tell people when they ask me for advice is to learn and listen to people when they need your help. Just listen.

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Go for it

N: For somebody who’s at home enthusiasts and just loves interior design. Go for it! The most interesting interiors throughout history have been created by people who weren’t professional designers. They were just people with a very distinct highly personal point of view, who wanted to do something interesting. Something they would love to live in. Now, those are the rooms that today we look at as designers and think wow that was so amazing. Think like, that was so ahead for its time but it was just somebody sort of busting move.

That’s it from the Maestros of Interior Design. What do you think about Interior Design? Leave your comments below. Or join our Facebook Page and Group.

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