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Jeremiah Brent Hair, Pottery & Bracelets!

Jeremiah Brent Likes/Dislikes

Jeremiah Brent answered some of the questions from fans. Check out what Jeremiah Brent has to say about his likes and dislikes. Jeremiah Brent talks about his love for bracelets, Black walls, Jeremiah Brent haircut, irritating trend design-wise and his unlimited love for pottery.

Jeremiah Brent Answers

Below are the quoted answers of Jeremiah Brent when asked about Design.


Can you tell us about your bracelets?

I keep my bracelets on all the time it’s the same things that forever they are all from Nate for different reasons I have a love bracelet because hearing it is me I have an evil eye bracelet because I was going through some stuff with my family and he wanted me to feel protected and then this leather bracelet I just took it from his drawer because I liked it

Black walls

What are your thoughts on Black walls?

listen I think the black is one of the sexiest colors you can incorporate into any space because I think it transcends any design aesthetic it could be modern it could be old it could be traditional I think people are scared of it because they don’t understand it but I think it’s a really powerful and important color

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Jeremiah Brent Hair

How do you do your hair?

My hair looks like I put a lot of effort into it much the night’s disappointment I don’t I’ve literally put some pomade in it every day it’s a lot of it like every piece of hair I have this on my head

Irritating Trent

Design-wise, what is the most irritating trend?

The most irritating the most irritating trend from Iran rules which I know is a really cliche answer but the truth is all of these ideas and these rules around design are bullshit the fact is is that your space needs to feel like an extension of not only who you were but who you are and who you want to become and there are new rules around them have fun explore

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Pottery Love

What is about pottery you love so much?

I’ve always been obsessed with artists because I was such a deep deep appreciation for the idea creating something from within something completely original when I went to sit down the pottery wheel for the first time it was the first thing I’ve ever done that I felt so connected to it was almost meditative I loved the fact that you’ve got the clay between your hands the idea that you’re really kind of feeling this form into creation and I looked up from my watch and I’d been there for three and a half hours I have like a pair of old jeans that are all stained up and gross that they’re wearing I’ve got a very fancy apron needless to say I’m obsessed.


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  1. Melly Dinkel

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  2. Melly Dinkel

    Love your style really love your bracelets

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