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Nate Berkus Design Tips and Tricks

Nate Berkus Design Session

Nate is always fond of answering questions and helping fans to the best of his abilities when it comes to Nate Berkus Design. The famous interior specialist took on Design questions from the fans randomly on social media. Nate Berkus Design tips were answered directly by Nate and gave some of the suggestions to the fans.

Question and Answers

Here are some selected questions from people around the world. Nate Berkus design and interior-related questions are the following.

Farmhouse look

Sherry asks what your thoughts are on the farmhouse look now?

The farmhouse look, I think is really interesting. I’d like to take it one step further. Everybody assumes is an American farmhouse, like sort of what’s like from the south? What’s the American farmhouse look like? But think of what a country house looks like in other countries as well. Portugal, Mexico, Belgium, you know these places also have a primitive very age-old sort of aesthetic. So when you’re googling farmhouse look, not only at just farmhouse style but try some other countries like Italian farmhouse, French farmhouse. I think that this idea of Nate Berkus design will make the interior feel a bit more sophisticated.

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Nate Berkus Design Kitchen coloring

Nicole wants to go back to the white kitchen and she has her kitchen antique white but what color handles would you recommend? Bronze, Silver?

Nicole, well you’re not letting me off the hook here are you. Nate Berkus design tips would say mixing metals in the kitchen is really a wonderful fun thing to do. One trick that I like especially with white cabinetry is to do something a little bit warmer. So Knackered brass which turns and gets sort of fingerprint and sort of turns like almost like a darker color over time from the oils in your hand. I think is really beautiful so if you’re gonna do something like a warm white cabinet. Why not use a finish that looks sort of paginated and time-worn.

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How to Hang Pictures

Patricia wants to know how at what level would you hang pictures is it eye level?

Patricia, that is completely dependent on the space if you have pictures hanging on a wall. You can start at about knee level and go to above your head if it’s a huge gallery wall. If it’s just one image it should just be slightly above eye level again though it’s pretty dependent on where you’re looking at. I’ve hung things and people have said that’s way too low. I’ve hung things and people have thought that’s way too high. it’s really what feels best to you.

1940’s home with modern decor?

Anita wants to know she has a 1940’s home but can choose more modern decor in it?

100% Anita, one of the most interesting things about me as Nate Berkus design is the fact that you don’t have to go with the architecture every single time. What’s really beautiful is to have a sort of a classic exterior. Do something really individualistic and fun on the inside so you’re not tied to architecture. A Spanish house doesn’t mean you have to fill it with Spanish furniture.

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This is our new house and it’s Spanish style from the 1920s and there’s going to be de beds from the 1960s and lights from the 1950s and which is going to be a real mix of primitive things and more modern things. That’s what I think is the most fun about interior design is that you look at something. It’s not just what that one object is it’s the combination of a lot of activity right.

Too Sparse or Too Warm?

Nakia would like to know how to combine a minimalist style but not let it feel too sparse wants it to feel warm?

Nakia, what’s interesting is that I am more maximalist. Nate Berkus design table tops with like 20 things on them and my husband Jeremiah is much more minimalist. I think the way to keep things from looking too sparse is to add things. Again that has Asian patina and also like beautiful old stone pots with it with green leaves or plant in them an olive tree on the inside. Bring in something natural to counterbalance how clean a minimalist interior feels.

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Landing Space on 2nd Floor

Stacey would like to know what’s the best use for landing space on the second floor?

Well Stacy, if you have room for a piece of furniture a small console with a picture frame and a beautiful base and flowers that’s great. If you have even more room a small chest of drawers is an awesome place on the landing to drop your bag or have your keys or your phone charging. For me I look at a home and when I can see far down a hallway. There’s a place where I stopped I like that to be beautiful so if you can get further enough away from it if that makes sense that when you’re looking at the stairwell or the landing coming down. If you can get farther enough away from it to really appreciate it. That’s a moment to do something really pretty furniture a mirror, a beautiful photograph on the wall whatever.

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