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Jeremiah Brent Tattoos Meaning with Pictures

Jeremiah Brent Tattoos

Today we are going to talk about Jeremiah Brent Tattoos, one of the most popular questions asked to Jeremiah Brent. Jeremiah Brent Tattoos! Jeremiah Brent official blog post has written an article about it.

Instagram QnA

If you know Jeremiah, You must have notice Jeremiah Brent tattoos. Jeremiah has never mentioned his tattoos publicly. But recently he took it on his Instagram and opened himself for questions from the fans. A while back interior designers played Nate and Jeremiah Quiz with each other. One of the fans asked him about his tattoos and he replied that he will post a blog post separately dedicated about the tattoos. Today Jeremiah uploaded the blog post. You can read the fan QnA in the link below.

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What Jeremiah Brent Tattoos Represent?

Jeremiah Brent gets a lot of questions about his tattoos and what they mean. Though there might be some questionable ones that he is not mentioning today. Jeremiah wrote about his tattoo on a blog post that he sees each one as a representation of a chapter in his life. No Regrets 😉 Jeremiah Brent tattoos have specific meanings to it. Each one of the tattoos was carefully thought out. Below are the three tattoos that hold the most meaning to him. Each tells his story and serve as a physical reminder of his journey as a man, a husband and now a father.

Jeremiah Brent Tattoos Picture

Humming Bird

Jeremiah favorite tattoo that he has is that of a hummingbird. The hummingbird is his totem and initially reminds him of his grandmother, Arlene, who passed away. While she was alive and Jeremiah was with her. He tells that there were always hummingbirds around. When she passed away Jeremiah began noticing Hummingbirds everywhere- when there was a momentous change in his life, in times of uncertainty or worry and even times of great pride and joy.

Jeremiah Brent HummingBird Tattoos

The first moment when Jeremiah felt connected to something big, something deeper. He says he could feel the vibration of the universe and his connection to that “divine” whisper. Jeremiah Brent decided to get the tattoo as a symbol of change, connection, celebration and as an affirmation that there is something more.


This is the Palm of Fatima, also known as the Hamsa. Jeremiah Brent altered it so it contains a poppy flower in the center of the palm as well as an evil eye that is protecting the poppy.
Jeremiah Brent Tattoo
The size of the tattoo is actually the size of Poppy Brent Berkus’s hand when he did it. When Poppy was younger she used to put her hand on it all the time… now she does it and it’s twice the size! I got it as a symbol for her and her protection. Jeremiah is still planning one for Oskar Brent Berkus.
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The Art of Shapes

Sacred geometry is the inspiration behind this tattoo. It attributes sacred meanings and symbols to different geometric shapes. Also, proportions that he altered it to represent Nate and Jeremiah family. You might not be able to tell but there is a Jewish star for Nate, which connects to a big circle that is Poppy and the little circle, Oskar. It is supposed to represent the flow of energy. Also, how it ripples from one to another.

Jeremiah Brent Tattoos on Arm

Picture photography credits: @punikasayshi

Let us know in the comments below among these 3 which of the Jeremiah Brent Tattoos is your favorite and why?


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  1. Lisa Bartok

    Love the hummingbird because of how it represents his grandmother and how he sees hummingbirds since her passing. Very touching

  2. Cheryl

    I love your Poppy tattoo. A Special meaning for your daughter, it’s great. I can’t wait to see what Oskar’s looks like. Love your Family with Nate. Love your show too.

  3. Antonella

    i just read about Jermiah Brent tattoos just now. Wow, that’s amazing that he described each of his tattoos about he life, family, husband, and he background also. I love his show of Nate and Jermiah by design with his husband Nate. I like they are children so much also. I can’t believe that he open up his background and his personality life also. I like Jermiah so much even Nate also.

  4. Antonella

    I can’t choose one tattoos of Jermiah because I like it all of them so much because he described them what it means to him. I like him and Nate so much on the show also with they children also.

  5. Liz Lavoie

    The Tattos and the meanings are LOVE of life and family…which is what your family has.

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